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New global truck coming from UD Trucks

Anders Lindblatt, president, Volvo area southern Africa, is well pleased with his new FMX offering – and so he should be.

The UD Trucks Corporation of Japan recently held the global launch of the company’s all-new extra heavy truck range, the Quester, in Thailand. Designed and developed specifically with the world’s fast-growing regions in mind, the Quester range is expected to be launched in sub-Sahara Africa during the third quarter of 2014.

“UD Trucks Southern Africa is currently in the process of researching, testing and customising the Quester range’s local performance and durability ahead of its introduction here in late 2014. The Quester range will, however, not replace any products in our current line-up but will simply enhance our offering to our customer base,’ says Jacques Carelse, managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa.

Quester has been designed as a modern and smart extra heavy truck platform that is aimed at a wide range of applications including mining, construction, distribution and long-haul transportation. In addition, Quester is set to be a robust, dependable and efficient truck range that combines the best of global technology, Japanese craftsmanship and local industry knowledge.

UD Trucks has a proud heritage of developing high quality trucks for the Japanese market but this is the first time the company has specifically developed a truck range with African fleet owners in mind.

“The global launch of the new Quester extra heavy truck range signals a new era in the history of UD Trucks,’ says Carelse. “Most importantly, we believe our local customers are set to profit from the modern and smart transport solution which the Quester range will offer, from its positioning in the market to the technology and quality of the vehicles, right through to the new scope of support offered by our regional dealer network.’

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