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MiX Telematics Launches Innovative Track, Trace and Recovery Bundle in South Africa

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In collaboration with its local channel partners, MiX Telematics,  launched an all-in-one offering ‘˜The Essential MiX’ for the South African market at the Johannesburg International Motor Show. MiX Telematics is exhibiting in Hall 9, Stand 9E 006, from 18 , 27 October 2013.

“The offering is a specialised and cost-effective track, trace and recovery solution that caters to the needs of small and medium sized enterprises,’ says Gert Pretorius, Managing Director of MiX Telematics (Africa Fleet Solutions).

The Essential MiX bundle combines the best technology that MiX Telematics has to offer. It comprises an on-board computer for the secure recording and transmission of vehicle data; FM-Web, MiX Telematics’ online tracking and information portal for access to online vehicle tracking as well as reporting and analysis tools; and Beame, MiX Telematics’ wireless stolen vehicle recovery device.

“MiX Telematics is aware that SMMEs play an increasingly important role in South Africa’s economy, contributing significantly to both income generation and job creation. In fact, recent research* indicates that these enterprises represent at least half of the country’s total employment as well as over 30% of its total gross domestic product. In addition, one out of five exported products are produced by small and medium sized businesses in South Africa,’ says Pretorius.

“The Essential MiX represents a valuable and easy-to-use tool for this influential sector. It gives business owners direct control over their fleet , and they’ll be pleasantly surprised at how managing their fleet effectively helps to cut costs and boost profits,’ says Pretorius.

“Business owners can access real-time driver and vehicle information including the location of all their vehicles at any given time. This gives them the ability to better utilise their fleet; for example, identifying a vehicle closest to a customer site, which in turn boosts customer service and hence the bottom line. In addition, the solution can be configured to send notifications to customers when their drivers over-speed, accelerate harshly or brake harshly, thereby enabling them to spot areas where driver training is required,’ says Pretorius.

“The incorporation of Beame into the solution means customers get to benefit from uninterrupted national network coverage, a lifetime warranty during the contract term, low battery alerts and dedicated recovery teams,’ says Pretorius. “Also, through our suite of mobile apps business owners can view vehicle positioning and data remotely, via their mobile device.’

The Essential MiX is available to customers at a cost of R299 per month over a 36-month contract or at a once-off price of R1 999 plus a monthly cost of R229 also over 36 months (all prices excluding VAT). Customers purchasing 10 or more of these bundles will also receive a free tablet device pre-loaded with 3GBs of mobile data. The Essential MiX is available from MiX Telematics and its channel partners across South Africa.

Visitors of the MiX Telematics stand at the Johannesburg International Motor Show are also encouraged to explore MiX Vision, which was launched earlier this year. MiX Vision is a highly configurable video recording system that allows fleet managers to assess the circumstances at the time of an actual or reported incident.

“The Jo’burg Motor Show is an ideal opportunity to demonstrate our versatility, and this is reflected by the introduction of The Essential MiX, which successfully brings together our fleet and consumer technology with the aim of serving a specific sector. We’re also excited that our consumer brands, Matrix and Beame, will be joining us at the stand,’ concludes Pretorius.

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