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MAN builds Transport Efficiency and Sustainability

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Using the iconic Rubic’s Cube as a motif for its exhibit at the Johanessburg Truck & Bus Show, co-hosted by the Johannesburg International Motor Show 2013, MAN Truck & Bus South Africa has configured an exhibit that showcases its MAN Solutions offering, an integrated portfolio of commercial transport products and services designed to maximise customer satisfaction by lowering total cost of ownership, optimising vehicle uptime and delivering absolute cost predictability to its clients.

MAN’s outdoor exhibit features models from its truck and bus ranges, including derivatives from Volkswagen heavy-duty trucks. Each unit on display has been specified to service niche applications, promoting greater levels of vehicle productivity.

MAN buses on the show also illustrate the company’s ability to service niche passenger transit application like BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) and intercity commuter travel.  

Integral to MAN Solutions is MAN’s Uptime Principle, which serves to co-ordinate all operational areas of the organisation to ensure customer vehicles are comprehensively, cost-effectively and swiftly supported and serviced by MAN’s extensive sub-equatorial Africa dealer network.

Spanning the entire lifecycle of the vehicle from procurement to resale, MAN Solutions incorporates customisable finance, warranty and maintenance contracts, advanced driver training and telematics solutions, 24/7 technical support and parts supply, intra-Africa/cross border support and guaranteed vehicle buybacks.

Managed efficiently by MAN Truck & Bus South Africa’s efficient organisational reporting structure, all respective divisions within the MAN Solutions ambit work together to promote profitability and sustainability in MAN customer fleets.

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