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Iveco Daily 4×4 goes on tour across Africa to promote road safety

The Iveco Daily 4x4 which is being used to promote the message of road safety through Southern Africa.

The importance of road safety in Southern Africa will be raised by Iveco which is sponsoring a team of expert travellers who will tour across six southern African countries in the company’s recently launched Daily 4×4 vehicle, as part of the ‘Daily4Africa’ road show.

The Iveco Daily 4×4, which was launched in the local market in April 2013, will be driven by the Italian-based adventure expedition team Taurinorum Travel Agency – which will spread the message of road safety during the 45 day, 11 000 km long tour across South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia.

The main objective of Daily4Africa is to advocate the message of road safety and the practice of responsible driving behaviour – themes which are a fundamental part of Iveco’s core values.

During its journey along the tip of the African continent, the team will drive two Iveco Daily 4×4 vehicles while distributing leaflets that illustrate the principal rules that encourage safe driving on the road.

Iveco South Africa network and marketing manager Christophe Longuet says: “This initiative represents the international Iveco Group’s central belief that the product safety technologies applied to advanced security systems are an essential tool for safeguarding the driver, vehicle cargo and the lives of all those on the road.

“This value has already been put into action after Iveco signed a joint agreement with New Holland Agriculture in March 2012 to support the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile’s (FIA) Action for Road Safety campaign.”

A special Daily4Africa logo has been designed around the Iveco road safety campaign.
A special Daily4Africa logo has been designed around the Iveco road safety campaign.

In addition to highlighting the importance of safe driving in a geographical region that is prone to alarmingly high road accident related injuries and deaths, the Daily4Africa tour also aims to reinforce the local Iveco brand image, while displaying the capabilities of the new lightweight Daily 4×4 vehicle, which is designed specifically for demanding professional use.

Longuet adds: “The Iveco Daily 4×4 offers unrivalled performance in all conditions with its three differential wheel locks, permanent four-wheel drive, low range and specific tyres for large vehicle dimensions. The six-speed gearbox is coupled with the central transfer box featuring two reductions, which allow the vehicle 24 gears in drive and four in reverse.”

The expedition set off from Johannesburg on Saturday 20 July 2013 and will finish in Cape Town on 9 September 2013. Along the road, the team will make scheduled stops at the principal Iveco dealerships in the road show territory. During each stop, the Iveco Daily 4×4 will be presented to the press, customers and general public, while test drives will be organised.

The trip will be documented through video and photography which will be published in real time on Iveco’s main web and social media network platforms.

Follow the team on Twitter #daily4x4 or www.facebook.com/ttteam

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