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Hyundai introduces driver training for its customers

For businesses that use Hyundai commercial vehicles and require driver training, contact Danie de Beer at 010-248 8000.

Three cheers to Hyundai Automotive South Africa on hosting the first round of driver training for 20 of its commercial vehicle customers as part of a programme aimed at improving the skills of commercial vehicle drivers and increasing the lifespan of customers’ vehicles.

“Drivers are key assets in the commercial sector where they are responsible for not only the vehicles but also for the cargo transported which is often worth a substantial amount of money,’ says Wade Griffin, director of commercial vehicles at Hyundai Automotive South Africa.

“As a result, greater effort should be made by vehicle manufacturers to ensure drivers are up-skilled beyond a mere trucking license and very importantly, that their safety and health, while in the employ of these transport based business, is made a priority.’

The Hyundai driver training programme ensures that the customers’ drivers are trained in areas that include performing accurate preventative maintenance checks; safe driving principles and mechanisms; driver techniques as well as driver health and fatigue prevention. Through this, Hyundai not only ensures that their customers’ vehicles last longer but also enables drivers in the commercial sector to take responsibility for their vehicles as well as their own well-being while driving.

Says Wayne Hinde from Jacks Paint, one of the customers: “The training offered by Hyundai is invaluable and provides added value for businesses such as ours. Not only are our drivers being given critical safety and maintenance skills at no additional cost to us but our vehicles last longer and they are cared for better. I can only imagine that it will bring down operational costs in the future.’

“We believe we are setting a benchmark in the commercial sector by providing such a service for businesses and , based on what was witnessed at the initial driver training programme , that this initiative will set a precedent for the commercial sector and encourage more companies to seek vehicle manufacturers that can offer them such preventative training,’ says Griffin.

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