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ELT Commercials takes on Iveco dealership


Johannesburg-based ELT Commercials came out of the closet last month as an official Iveco dealer with a string of services to offer its Iveco clients.

Why I say it “came out of the closet’ is because the actual agreement between the two companies was reached last year but ELT wanted to first put in place the necessary infrastructure before cracking the champagne. This included the building of a new showroom, parts warehouse and service department on the north end of its premises in Turffontein.

Taking on the Iveco dealership was a natural progression for the ELT Group of companies which was created in 2007 as a specialist vehicle and truck company dedicated to the service of transport fleets in the extra heavy commercial sector of the trucking industry.

The company grew to become an official dealer for Navistar International in 2009 and subsequently opened two additional branches in Lichtenburg in 2010 and Kimberley in 2011 to further strengthen their support for their transport clients.

When the opportunity to take on the Iveco brand arose, it made good business as it offers a full line-up of medium and heavy commercial products including the 2013 European Truck of the Year, the Iveco Hi-Way Stralis. The addition of the Iveco brand also gives the group a European brand to complement the American brand thus expanding the customer base potential for the group.

Another strong determining factor in taking on the Iveco franchise involved a new commitment made by Iveco SA to support and grow their business in Southern Africa.

That this commitment is being realised is evident by the establishment of their own used truck centre, a standard base warranty plus aggressive extended warranty options on their products, competitive maintenance contract rates and a strong Vehicle-Off-Road (VOR) programme to minimize downtime.

The ELT Group employs in excess of 100 employees and complies well within the employment equity targets. A training centre is in place to ensure the continued skills development of the staff in the group.

In order to give clients superior service, the company has employed some well experienced industry specialists in the sales, parts and service departments, some of whom have vast Iveco experience. In addition, the facilities in Kimberley and Lichtenburg have been signed as official Iveco dealers to provide added service support for its clients in those areas.

In conjunction with Iveco SA, the company has provided extensive training for technicians, parts and sales staff in all things Iveco. Significant investment has also been made in acquiring specialized tooling and a parts inventory to insure that customers receive world class after-sales support for their vehicles.

FleetWatch welcomes this appointment as we know the ELT operation and it is a true ‘˜truckers’ facility. The guys there talk trucker’s talk and they know how the industry works from an operator’s perspective. Iveco and its clients are in the right hands.

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