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e-Tolls have begun – so What Now For Consumers?


Despite numerous delays and setbacks the Gauteng e-Toll project is now up and running as from 3 December 2013.

The question for all road users is “What now?’ At this time, it is critical that the consumer knows his or her rights when it comes to eTolls.

As a road user you are in no way legally obliged to purchase an eTag.

If you choose not to purchase an eTag you will be billed directly by SANRAL. You will have a seven day grace period within which to pay your toll fees and you can pay with cash, by debit card or credit card, or any other acceptable payment method, such as an EFT. If you choose not to pay your eToll invoice, you open yourself up to prosecution.

If you do choose to purchase an eTag to limit your costs, it is the recommendation of the AA that you do not give authorisation for an automatic debit order to your bank account for payment of toll fees, in order that each consumer retains control until there is clarity on the accuracy of billing, the efficiency of the system, how incorrect billing will be handled, and future increases.

The AA understands the benefits of good roads but cannot support the notion of urban or peri-urban tolling which directly affects commuters and consumers in this drastic manner. Despite these objections the AA will assist its members with any queries regarding the purchasing and use of eTags.

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