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Crown team climbs Kilimanjaro to support CHOC

The proud team at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro – supporting South Africa’s CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa.

Three cheers to the ‘˜Kili Crowners’, a global team from the Crown Worldwide Group, on successfully climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in a fundraising effort to benefit CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa.

Kilimanjaro, situated in Tanzania, towers above the African plains and is the highest freestanding mountain on earth with an altitude of 5 895m. Crown Worldwide Group is the world’s largest privately-held group of international logistics and related services companies.

The Kili Crowners team – whose motto was “We’re going to do it, even if it Kilis us’ – began their six-night, seven-day adventure on July 17, 2013, reaching Uhuru Peak, the highest point of Mount Kilimanjaro, early on the morning of July 22.

With determination and the encouragement of their experienced guides, the 12-person team struggled through rocky terrain, temperatures below freezing, reduced oxygen levels, steep inclines and long days and nights of hiking. Mental toughness and conviction, a good sense of humour and a positive spirit were as important as the physical effort that was required to accomplish their goal.

The team, who trained for six months before the climb, consisted of members from throughout the world: Chris Davis Pipe and David Lam , Hong Kong; Chantelle Van Zyl, Guy Houbart, Kobus Jacobs and Robin Swiegers , South Africa; George Mathew, Nitin Alex, Norah Franchetti and Stuart Mansbridge , United Arab Emirates; Audrey Muir , United Kingdom; and Jay Arghese , United States. Andy Marshall, who was injured during training, provided much-needed communications support on the ground.

To date, the team’s efforts have raised over US$30 000 for CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation South Africa. CHOC provides holistic support for children and families affected by cancer and life-threatening blood disorders.

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