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Cartrack introduces fleet management App

The latest addition to Cartrack’s fleet offering is a mobile fleet management App

The latest addition to Cartrack’s fleet offering is a mobile fleet management application. The Cartrack Android and Apple iOS fleet applications provide fast and easy access to accurate and current information, providing fleet managers with the means to monitor fleet vehicles from any location in the world, at any time.

“Keeping track of your fleet has never been this easy,’ says John Edmeston, managing director of Cartrack, a vehicle tracking and recovery, fleet management and telematics service provider.

“Our new fleet management application provides our clients with access to invaluable information at the touch of a button – in real time – on any Android or Apple device.’

The Cartrack fleet management application informs the user of the location, speed and trip details of all fleet vehicles.

“Having that type of information at your fingertips opens a world of possibilities in terms of making informed decisions and planning for the unforeseen, no matter where you are,’ explains Edmeston.

The application is an added benefit that is free to all Cartrack clients and can be downloaded from the Google or App Store on their device. Simply search for Cartrack fleet and click download. Once the application is downloaded, the user can click on the Cartrack Fleet icon that will appear on their device. As an added security measure, the user will need to log in with their fleet username and password.

More news from the company is that the Cartrack Communicator has been updated to a new improved version that provides longer battery life, is bigger in size and offers better screen quality. The added navigational improvements will offer users a day/night sensor, lane assist and improved mapping quality.

The Communicator is a wireless enabled navigation device that answers the growing demand for more intuitive, real-time navigation and information support. It offers a complete four in one solution in the form of navigation, messaging, tracking and task management.

“The device delivers real-time, driving information that extends far beyond the basic directional capabilities of most GPS systems,’ says Edmeston.

Drivers are now able to spend less time trying to find their destination and more time paying attention to the road. The easy to use interface also has a built in task manager where drivers can receive delivery instructions, new jobs and delivery information. The ‘˜plug-and-play’ operation of the Communicator requires no software installation

“The Communicator is a touch-screen, messaging device that enables instant text messaging, internet messaging and e-mail communication between management and mobile staff via GPRS across a GSM network.

“It effectively means you are in contact with your staff, anywhere in the world, and allows you to send and receive instructions and tasks that can be monitored from the comfort of your office,’ explains Edmeston.

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