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Avis Supports Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project

Keith Rankin

Avis Southern Africa acknowledges the positive impact of the much needed Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) and continues to support road upgrades around the country.  The announcement on 20 November 2013 by the Minister of Transport has set the date for the implementation of e-Tolls on 3 December 2013.

For much of this year Avis has been installing e-Tags into their national fleet and has developed the necessary IT systems to ensure that any e-Toll fees incurred by customers during the rental period will be included in their final rental invoice. As a consequence of the e-Toll integration, the final invoice will only be available two days after the vehicle has been returned. The final invoice will also highlight the total e-Toll amount due, separately from the vehicle rental charges. In addition, the full list of e-Toll transactions for a particular rental will also be available through an e-Toll customer service facility at www.avis.co.za.

Avis will charge the standard e-Toll tariff, per e-Toll gantry, to a monthly maximum value of R450 as published in the Government Gazette. The standard tariff, which is higher than the tariff paid by registered e-tag users, is being charged to enable Avis to recover the costs of implementing systems and resources to manage e-Toll compliance. Customers are advised that outside of the GFIP network they will continue to pay at the various toll plaza’s.

The e-tag is only active when attached to the vehicles windscreen and holds no value to a customer when removed from the vehicle. Customers are cautioned that further charges will be applied should a vehicle be returned without an e-tag.

The introduction of e-Tolls in Gauteng will be a new experience for us all, however, we have invested significantly in our systems and people to ensure that our customers Avis rental experience will continue to be as seamless as possible as they are our greatest asset says Keith Rankin Chief Executive Avis Rent a Car Southern Africa.

Comment from Avis

Avis Rent a Car South Africa would like to clarify their position relating to e-Tolls. Avis supports both the much needed Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project (GFIP) upgrade and further planned improvements.

Unfortunately some media have incorrectly reported that Avis, by supporting GFIP upgrades, also supports the implementation of eTolls as the funding mechanism.  This view is incorrect.  We believe that there are more effective and efficient funding mechanisms than the currently proposed e-Toll model.

The purpose of yesterday’s media release was to inform our customers how Avis will charge and collect e-Tolls if and when implemented by SANRAL.

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