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Mega move for Barloworld Transport Solutions

Rogan Brent, MD Manline Mega, (left) and Neil Henderson (CEO Barloworld Transport Solutions) sign the deal.

Not five months have gone by since Barloworld Logistics merged its Dedicated Transport Services division (DTS) with the Manline group to form Barloworld Transport Solutions (BWTS) and already another company has been added to the stable. What is interesting here is that the company which BWTS has acquired is out of the traditional operational arenas of the former DTS as well as the former Manline. It is TCS Logistics (Pty) Ltd, which specialises in moving abnormal loads for clients into and around sub-Saharan Africa. The deal was concluded and became effective on 5 June 2013.

Neil Henderson, CEO of Barloworld Transport Solutions, says the acquisition is a good fit. “It aligns with our strategy to offer clients a wide range of smart, reputable and reliable transport solutions in southern Africa and it expands our services and capabilities in this specialised area. There are many synergies within our businesses and we look forward to leveraging these to enhance our services to clients into Africa.’

TCS will fall under the specialised business unit of BWTS which is led by Andrew Nicholson. Rogan Brent, the current managing director of TCS and Jason Christie, operations director, will continue to head up this business. TCS will be re-branded Manline Mega to build on the strong cross-border footprint, expertise and brand presence that Manline already has in the market.

Commenting on the transaction, Rogan Brent, MD of Manline Mega says: “Our team is highly experienced in planning, loading and delivering machinery, specialised equipment and project cargo. This is a competitive space with great growth opportunities for us so joining the BWTS group is an exciting development for our business and our client base.’

TCS was formed 16 years ago and has the skills, experience, regulatory requirements and a large fleet configuration with the capacity to move a maximum payload of 90 tons. The company has depots in Durban, Johannesburg, Harare and Lusaka.

BWTS, which incorporates the Manline, Manline Energy and Timber24 brands and is part of Barloworld Logistics, has a fleet of over 800 vehicles, 1 700 employees and more than 30 depots across southern Africa.

Note Henderson’s words: “‘¦enhance our services to clients into Africa.’ FleetWatch has noticed increasing accent being placed on cross-border transport into Africa and it is thus readers may have noticed that we are broadening our coverage by incorporating a more holistic view of happenings on the continent that affect transport. Where the trucks go, so too will we go.

Editor’s Footnote:

When Barloworld Logistics merged its Dedicated Transport Services division with Manline, we knew that would not be the end of it and that more acquisitions would take place. We just didn’t know the first would happen so fast. With more bound to happen as they truck along, we have a favour to ask. Please try to consolidate the names now guys. It’s going to get difficult separating the BWTS from the DTS and while we welcome the fact TCS will disappear and be replaced by Manline Mega under the SBU of BWTS which in turn falls under BL’¦.Eieeesh! You get the drift! Congratulations to all on this deal.

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