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Green-thinking Imperial CEO gets award

CEO of Imperial Logistics: “Transformation to greener business starts in the supply chain.

Congratulations to Marius Swanepoel, CEO of Imperial Logistics, on being presented with the “Sustainability Leadership Award‘ at the annual Sustainable Business Awards, hosted by Nedbank Capital. The award was bestowed on him in recognition of his success in greening African supply chains.

Swanepoel was honoured at the event for his commitment to – and significant achievements in – driving effective emission reductions, both within his own organisation and across Imperial Logistics’ entire supplier and value chains.

Transformation to greener business starts in the supply chain. There are opportunities to reduce emissions through route optimisation and greater fuel efficiency as well as energy, water and waste management, among other initiatives. For sustainability strategies, the supply chain is the ‘make or break’ zone,’ says Swanepoel, adding that sustainability is an economic imperative that is playing an increasingly significant role in the long-term success, leadership and social and economic relevance of businesses.

The Nedbank Capital Sustainable Business Awards aim to showcase and promote best practice in sustainability. The inclusion of the Sustainability in Leadership Award is intended to recognise and ultimately encourage sustainability leadership practices of individuals in executive management positions, which Nedbank believes will assist in raising the benchmark.

And well done to Nedbank Capital for promoting, through this award, the need for sustainably business policies. It’s an era where everything seems to be about the ‘˜now’, it’s good to find some who are looking down the road to the future.

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