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Cummins releases 10th Sustainability Report

The Cummins stand at Automechanika held in Johannesburg last month.

Cummins Inc., the parent company of Cummins in South Africa, has released its 2012-2013 Sustainability Report which shows vast improvements made in a number of areas the company believes are critical to sustainability. Apart from featuring articles on company initiatives throughout the world, the report also includes a special section on innovation at Cummins and an expanded section on safety at the company.

Some of the highlights of the improvements made are:

  • Cummins is now recycling nearly 90 percent of the waste it produces.
  • The company has reduced water consumption 47 percent over the past five years adjusted for total hours worked.
  • The 2012 Environmental Challenge reduced greenhouse gases by a record 4 300 tons.
  • Almost 28 000 Cummins employees worked on community service projects in 2012 – a new record.
  • The company’s safety Incidence Rate, a measure based on recordable injuries and illnesses, has dropped 72 percent over the past 10 years.
  • Cummins’ spending with diverse suppliers increased almost 10 percent in 2012.

“Our ongoing commitment to innovate and engage in everything we do will ensure our customers’ long term success and ultimately the sustainability of our company for all our stakeholders now and into the future,’ says chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger.

The report can be accessed from the company’s sustainability web page at www.cummins.com/sustainability. It’s a pretty big file so go make yourself some coffee while you wait for it to download. It’s worth the read though and could give our local companies some good ideas to emulate.

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