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Ctrack Mzansi improves B-BBEE status

Keeping an eye on your fleet is what Ctrack Mzansi does.

Ctrack Mzansi has announced an improvement in its B-BBEE status from that of a Level 4 contributor in 2012 to that of a Level 1 contributor in 2013.

Ctrack Mzansi is a fully black empowered company associated with JSE-listed DigiCore Holdings which embraces broad based black empowerment. With more than 25 years in the fleet management and vehicle tracking industry, Ctrack is a pioneer of telematics technology and a global market leader. Ctrack Mzansi benefits from complete skill transfer and knowledge share from the DigiCore Holdings Group of companies.

“BEE is not only about compliance but being committed to making a difference in the broader community in which we operate’ says Charely Pietersen, managing director of Ctrack Mzansi.

As a proudly South African company, Ctrack Mzansi operates out of its head office in Pretoria and is fast becoming recognised for its capabilities in the vehicle tracking and fleet management market across South Africa.

“Ctrack Mzansi is proving to be one of South Africa’s top empowerment companies in vehicle tracking and fleet management, showing what is possible when you are committed to the principles of BEE,’ says Pietersen, adding that as a company, they are committed to bringing products and solutions to the market that increase safety for businesses, their employees, their families and road users in general.

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