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Comment by Max Braun – Feb 2012

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Max Braun
Max Braun

Truck Operating Benchmarks – comment by Max Braun

2012 began with a welcome reduction in the diesel price. However, it is still nearly 31% higher than the January 2011 price. Given the volatility of the oil price and exchange rates driven by ongoing geo-politics it is anybody’s guess as to where the diesel price goes in the next few months.

Early increases in equipment prices did not come as a surprise given the weaker rand and volatility around the Euro. Several OEMs confirmed vehicle price increases of between 2% and 3% with more expected later in the year, this especially so where new model ranges will be introduced. Having battled the best part of two years without price increases to cover costs body and trailer builders bit the bullet and upped prices by around 6% as steel, resin, timber and rubber prices continue to rise.

Fridge units look like a 5% move depending on size and make. Maintenance costs and tyre prices have moved around 5% and 4% respectively. Drivers’ wages are set to follow the wage agreement between the RFEA and NBC at the end of February depending on any unexpected demands from the unions.

The February 2012 benchmarks introduce two important additional factors. Ton/kilometre costs are now portrayed for three different load factors , namely 100%, 75% and 50%. The other addition is estimated carbon footprint measured in tons per annum. The formula used is based on 2.772 kilograms of C02 per litre of fuel burnt. Further research is ongoing to gain more insight into the production of carbon emissions produced by diesel engines.


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