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Know your braking systems


Tremendous progress has been made with braking technology but the problem is that the end user does not always benefit from it or use it to its full potential. This is no doubt due to a lack of understanding of how the components work and what they are supposed to do within a system. It is because of this that Knorr-Bremse has launched Phase One of its new and upgraded training programmes called Commercial Vehicle Braking System training.

This training will cover the principles of air, port markings and the wide range of parts used within the truck and trailer braking system. It also covers where parts are fitted within a braking system and how they operate. This is all achieved by detailed system diagrams and cut through parts diagrams presented on a PowerPoint slideshow which aid the visual side of the training. Participants will receive a 280 page manual which they can keep for future reference and will be tested after completion of a course and will receive a certificate to pass on to the next phases.

A big plus in enhancing the understanding of how the brake systems operate are the new training/simulator boards built in-house at Knorr-Bremse. With these, participants can physically see how a system should be correctly connected and how different parts work together. Knorr-Bremse has invited all users of pneumatic braking system components to attend training and expand their knowledge and understanding of pneumatic braking systems. The training course will also benefit the end user who rarely gets the chance to understand how the systems operate.

Training the people who work most with the braking systems and components systems is a crucial point which is not always addressed with the handover of newly built trucks and trailers. Later phases are already in development and will include more advanced courses on ABS, EBS and diagnostics using ECUtalk®.

FleetWatch welcomes this new initiative from Knorr-Bremse as imparting more knowledge and understanding of braking systems and their components will have far reaching positive effects throughout the market.

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