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Imperial launches road safety campaign

Imperial executive directors signing the pledge, from left: Marius Swanepoel, Manny de Canha, Osman Arbee and Tak Hiemstra. Good stuff guys!

The campaign will now be implemented throughout the company which, through its various divisions, is one of South Africa’s biggest road users. Hubert Brody, CEO of Imperial, was the first to make the commitment, saying: “Road safety is a major concern in our country and Imperial is determined to do something that will make a tangible difference. As part of our corporate citizenship, we are calling on all of our 35 000 employees to make a pledge to apply safety principles when they use the roads.

“We believe each one of us needs to take responsibility in this area and that through one pledge at a time, we can change bad habits and have safer and friendlier roads. We are encouraging every person in the Imperial family to pledge to make a difference,’ Brody said. This could prove to have a major positive impact on road safety because, as Brody outlines, the size and geographic footprint of Imperial puts them in a great position to make a difference.

“Nearly 500 million kilometers is travelled annually in southern Africa by our fleets; we have 5 500 trucks on the road; we are an important supplier of new and used vehicles and car parts to the South African public; and one in three car rental transactions in South Africa is through Imperial. We plan to start with our Group and could then take this campaign to the rest of the country,’ he said.

Way to go! FleetWatch extends its heartiest congratulations to Imperial on this great initiative. Go for it!

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