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Damaged/illegal tyres aplenty


As usual, during the Johannesburg exercise, a shocking number of tyres were found that were damaged and illegal. If operators do not concern themselves with faults that are so easily visible, you can bet they are not paying attention to the maintenance of components that are not easily visible. Here we show a selection of tyre faults found with Terence Bowren of Bridgestone commenting on the reasons.

How can the operator not see this? Either tread damage or a cut in the shoulder area resulted in a huge chunk of rubber to be ripped from the tyre. The repair in the sidewall of this tyre is starting to fail due to the flexing in the sidewall when the tyre is in motion. It's only a matter of time before the tyre fails.
The bond between the casing and the precured casing has been lost in the shoulder area. Severe scuffing has ripped a piece of rubber off the precured tread. This uneven wear is due to a buckled wheel. The tyre is way beyond its legal tread limits and should have been removed long before it reached this state.
A tread cut caused a piece of rubber to tear and eventually be ripped off due to centrifugal force. A dropped shoulder from the steer position. This tyre has been run far below its legal limits. A waste of money.

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