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Ctrack launches FleetConnect

From small beginnings in Boksburg to a global player is the road Nick Vlok (right) walked with Digicore. Here we see another country being added to the company’s export markets.

A company FleetWatch has watched grow and add value to the trucking industry over many years with its innovative and visionary approach to fleet management systems is Digicore Holdings. Now it has added yet another product that is sure to find favour with operators.

Called Ctrack FleetConnect, this is a new, comprehensive ‘˜fleet management solution’ that provides fleet owners with full visibility of costs and information on every kilometre driven. In the introduction to this special report, we stated that fleet operators need to know where their vehicles are at all times. Well, Ctrack FleetConnect goes much further than that.

This intelligent tool encompasses a specialised software suite with which owners can manage anything from fuel usage, license renewals and traffic offences to toll fees, vehicle service schedules, driver profiles and any other aspect of their fleet by simply selecting the specific management tools they require.

The suite includes the following main management areas: 1) Needs Analysis; 2) Procurement; 3) Administration; and 4) Disposal , each one with its own subsets. With this ‘˜menu of offerings’, Ctrack FleetConnect can be tailor-made to suit anyone’s fleet needs and requirements.

“Ctrack FleetConnect integrates all components of fleet management into a singular centralised database which serves as a one-stop platform. It assists fleet operators to not only understand their fleet better, by highlighting opportunities to manage risk more efficiently and assessing how one can identify and streamline fleet operations, but also helps them to monitor budget and costs,’ says Hein Jordt, managing director of Ctrack Fleet Management.

  • Benefits of this suite can range from:
  • Reliable, real-time management information for informed decision-making.
  • Optimised visibility of vehicle operating costs i.e. maintenance, fuel, tyres, batteries, labour and other cost contributors.
  • Improved safety of vehicles, drivers and loads.
  • Automated comparison of actual operating cost vs. owner and industry benchmarks.
  • Visibility of all financial aspects throughout asset/vehicle lifecycle.
  • Increased operational efficiency as a result of maintenance planning, delivery routing and scheduling.
  • Optimal sourcing by buying the right asset/vehicle at the right price for the job required.
  • Real-time workflows (business rules) and exception reporting allow proactive response designed for risk and cost management.


 Nick Vlok, who started what is today a global player, is now retiring. Enjoy the golf Nick and thanks for all you have done for the trucking industry of South Africa.
Nick Vlok, who started what is today a global player, is now retiring. Enjoy the golf Nick and thanks for all you have done for the trucking industry of South Africa.

Cheers Nick – and thanks

While the launch of Ctrack FleetConnect is good news for truck operators, a bit of sad news is that Nick Vlok, the man who has driven Digicore Holdings from small beginnings in a ‘˜backyard’ Boksburg office to the global player it is today, is now calling it a day and is retiring at the end of this month.

He has come a long way from those early Boksburg days where the only person the poor guy had to talk to was his near-by Benoni neighbour, Charlize Theron, who he taught how to braai. It was really tough for him. Eieeesh!

The one admirable thing about Nick Vlok is that as the company grew, his humility stayed constant. He never got carried away with success. Rather, he kept his feet firmly on the ground and stayed the ‘˜boykie’ he always was.

Nick, there is a saying: “I like to leave people a little richer in spirit for knowing me.’ You have left the trucking industry of South Africa a lot richer – both in spirit and in substance – for knowing you. For this, we all thank you. Enjoy the fishing.

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