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Boys and their toys

Isn’t this a beauty

Isn’t this a beauty. A friend, Chris Barnard, sent in this pic of a pimped Peterbilt which made everyone in the office drool with envy. Take a look at the ‘˜before’ picture in the top right corner and then compare it with the ‘˜pimped’ version. How are those wheels and the side- skirt , and the , and the , and the?

Pity we don’t have drive-ins or roadhouses anymore in this country. This would have been a chick catcher for sure when you pulled up at the roadhouse, leant casually out the window and asked the waitress for a burger and Vanilla milkshake. “Make it a double thick’. I guarantee ten minutes max and you would have opened the passenger door and headed off for the back row of the Drive-in to watch The Graduate. Eieeesh

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