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A big thanks to all who contributed!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your fundraising initiative towards the Trucking Wellness programme. Your generosity as well as all the generosity of all the other contributors will directly benefit the employees of the Road Freight industry and their families.

Very few publications share the passion and commitment for the fight against HIV & Aids like FleetWatch within the Road Freight Industry. Our most sincere thanks for all you have done for Trucking Wellness and we anticipate that our future endeavours within the Road Freight Industry programme will definitely make a difference in our people’s lives. Without the support from industry, donors and supporters like FleetWatch magazine, the Trucking Wellness programme would not be such a great success.

Tertius Wessels, Managing Director – Trucking Wellness.

Editors Comment:

Thank you for those kind words. May I also once again add my word of thanks to those companies who joined us on our HIV/AIDS awareness cover wrap-around and by so doing, enabled us to raise the R10 000 donated to Trucking Wellness. And to the full team at Trucking Wellness, we say Keep on Trucking. You’re doing an amazing job out there. We luvya all!

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