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Promoting the power of knowledge

Oranjerivier Tenkers... have a vision to be the best bulk tanker specialist in the wine/pulp product market.

With a vision to be the best bulk tanker transport specialist in the wine product and pulped product market, Oranjerivier Tenkers (OrangeRiver Tankers) is committed to promoting professionalism and accountability, quality service, safety and reliability, transparency, openness, justness and fairness.

The operation also strives to expand and improve its existing service while promoting job creation and the development of its human resources. With these guiding principles, it’s no surprise that Oranjerivier Tenkers has an annual Driver of the Year competition for its tanker drivers, launched to help make its operations and its personnel safer, healthier and more efficient.

Oranjerivier Tenkers’ drivers have been competing in the Northern Cape provincial Drivers’ Competition for the last three years and we decided to launch an internal Driver of the Year championship to ensure ongoing improvement among our drivers,’ says Nico van Wyk, human relation officer of the Upington-based operation.

“Our company mission statement includes the expansion, development and maintenance of personnel to insure well motivated and trained employees. Human development takes place on three different levels, namely; skills training, expansion of knowledge and the development of the person, as well as training according to requirements by law,’ adds van Wyk.

 Oranjerivier Tenkers Drivers - all winners with skills in driving, personal motivation and professionalism.
Oranjerivier Tenkers Drivers – all winners with skills in driving, personal motivation and professionalism.

The event took place on October 23rd at an ACSA hangar in Upington and Oranjerivier Tenkers went to great lengths to ensure its Drivers’ Competition furthered its strategic objectives as stipulated by its company vision statement. “We arranged for the Provincial Traffic Department to get involved in the project to keep the evaluation process objective and to consolidate our involvement with the Arrive Alive campaign, which was also on hand with many of its volunteers to help promote road safety.

 The NBCRFI with its incredible wellness clinic provided drivers with info on HIV&AIDS.
The NBCRFI with its incredible wellness clinic provided drivers with info on HIV&AIDS.

“The National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight Industry (NBCRFI) attended the event with its Mobile Wellness Clinic to provide information to our drivers on HIV awareness and other health issues, as well as ascertain the medical condition of our drivers. FAMSA (Family SA) also attended the event to educate our personnel about domestic violence,’ says van Wyk.

The guest speakers at the event helped contextualise the competition, delivering to drivers the clear message that professionalism behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle is based on good health, both physical and mental. Armed with this all-too-often-overlooked ‘˜survival knowledge’, the contestants then set about proving their prowess behind the wheels of their rigs.

“The competition itself included a pre-trip test, an obstacle course and a road test. The total for all these criteria was 900 points, comprising 65% of the total points attainable during the competition. The remaining 35% of the points were judged on diesel use for the year, kilometres driven during the year, administrative abilities and a theoretical test, all of which made for an extremely comprehensive assessment of our drivers,’ adds van Wyk.

FleetWatch would like to congratulate Oranjerivier Tenkers for its proactive approach to fostering real empowerment, the power of knowledge, in its driver team. Finally, a resounding ovation for the top three finalists at the event , T. Dippernaar in third place, O. Fani who finished in second place and the winner, A. Louw.

Well done to all of you!


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