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MAN… of trolleys and trucks

The new MAN TGS WW range is available in 14 derivatives as a truck tractor, chassis cab or tipper and includes vehicles with GVM ratings from 19 to 41 tons.

I will always remember the original launch of the MAN TGA Trucknology range for one thing and that is for showing me that South Africa has better airport baggage trolleys than they do in the south of France. Yep, it’s true.

Arriving at Nice airport to be introduced to the world’s latest range of modern trucks, I anticipated nothing but First World stuff all the way. Yet, when I grabbed an airport trolley to haul my luggage, I was thrilled to find that the wheels wobbled along like a 90-year-old man doing the 100 meter dash on crutches. It gave me great satisfaction to tell everyone at MAN that although they had great trucks, South Africa had great trolleys.

While our airport baggage trolleys have since been superseded by those new fancy ones that can scale escalators with no sweat, the TGA range of trucks has now also been superseded by MAN’s latest offerings, the MAN TGS WW range of premium-class extra-heavy duty trucks introduced onto our market in September this year.

While the term ‘˜facelift’ could be applied to the TGS WW range, MAN each derivative has its proven TGA lineage and has undergone extensive development and testing in South Africa to ensure optimum performance in diverse local applications Available in 14 derivatives as a truck tractor, chassis-cab or tipper  derivative, the TGS WW range is based on a modular design principle which brings versatility to the new range, affording greater configuration possibilities than its predecessor.

The cab interiors have been completely redesigned to provide maximum comfort for the drivers.

The TGS WW range includes vehicles with GVM ratings from 19 to 41 tons. Euro 2 and Euro 3-rated D20 and D26 in-line six-cylinder commonrail engines deliver between 257 kW and 353 kW (350 hp to 480 hp) of power and 1750 to 2300Nm of torque between 1000 and 1400rpm, providing a platform for powerful yet economical transport.

A better drive Automatic transmissions are today becoming the norm and in this respect, a high level of shifting comfort is provided by the 12-speed MAN TipMatic® automatic transmission. For off-road vehicles, there is the MAN TipMatic® with off-road shift strategy which provides maximum traction and fast turn-around times. A precision 16-speed electronically-controlled (manual) transmission is also available on selected models.

The TGS WW series includes two, three and four-axle truck- tractor and rigid-chassis options with gross vehicle weights ranging from 19 to 41 tons. Axle variants include 4×2 and 6×4 configurations with leaf/leaf as well as leaf/air suspension; a 6×2-2 leaf/air suspension The MAN TGS WW sports a completely redesigned cab interior fitted with high-grade materials, easyto-reach controls and instruments clearly arranged to always be within the driver’s field of vision. The new 2.24m-wide cabs set high ergonomic standards and come in three different sizes to suit specific application requirements.

The compact M-cab is designed for construction, municipal and short-haul duties. The 400mm longer L-cab has a comfortable 2.05m x 0.75m bunk. The high LX-cab can accommodate two wider bunks. Both longer cabs, the L and the LX, have two large stowage compartments that can be accessed from the outside via upward-opening flaps. The high roof results in an internal standing height of 1925mm in front of the co-driver’s seat. Bunks in the LXcab have high-quality slatted frames and mattresses with five hardness zones.

It's a most comprehensive range of trucks.
It’s a most comprehensive range of trucks.

With safety being a high priority in today’s trucks, active safety features available for the MAN TGS WW include electronic stability program (ESP), lane guard system (LGS) and adaptive cruise control (ACC). The high-strength safety cell meets the stringent EU crash-test requirements. Passive safety upgrades include a buckled-up seatbelt and a seat belt warning system as standard fitments.

FleetWatch has always stated that a good warranty is a sure sign of having faith in the quality and durability of your product and with a promise to its customers to be ‘˜Consistently Efficient’, MAN has underwritten its faith in the TGS WW with an impressive three-year/600 000km warranty. Now that’s nailing your colours to the mast.

I mentioned in the introduction to this truck round-up that South African truck operators have a fantastic choice of product in the market from which to choose the best specced truck for their application.

If anyone argues that, I rest my case on the 14 derivatives of the new MAN TGS WW range.

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