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Cargo Carriers depot goes solar

Cargo Carriers staff with Sasol Synfuels personnel, from left: Basil Sutherland; Johan Prinsloo; Quinton Mulder; Wimpie Kruger; Jay-Jay van Niekerk; Chris Botha, transport manager, Sasol Synfuels; Retha Maree, procurement advisor, Sasol Synfuels; Elmarie Ollewagen; Morkel Erasmus, logistics manager, Sasol Synfuels; and Mark Quinn. Note the solar panels on the roof of the building.

Cargo Carriers has, for the first time, developed a depot that runs completely off solar power. Self-sufficient and energy-efficient, the environmentally friendly depot in Evander has already proved a success as six months ago, the solar-powered depot was pivotal to Cargo Carriers being awarded the Sasol Synfuels contract.

This contract involves the transportation of pitch coke from the Sasol Synfuels Secunda plant to various Sasol clients around South Africa. A number of Sasol projects are now being lined up to take advantage of the green depot.

This kind of green thinking is not new to Cargo Carriers. Ten years ago the decision was made by Joint CEOs Garth and Murray Bolton to embrace the highest levels of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) and the company instituted strict controls across all of its divisions. This has accentuated Cargo Carriers’ ability to compete in the fuel, gas, chemical and mining industries.

“Our environmental efforts have been boosted by the benchmarking of our fuel, electricity and water usage,’ says Murray Bolton. “These processes are very important in our efforts to one day become carbon neutral. We hope this depot draws attention as we believe it adds great value to the supply chain.’

“Like many players in fuel and chemicals,’ adds Bolton, “Sasol demands the highest environmental standards in transporting its products and would only partner with a logistics company that actively implements these standards on a daily basis.’ The highest levels of SHEQ are a non-negotiable. The ability to offer our clients access to a carbon neutral depot reinforces the overall drive towards environmental sustainability,’ he says.

Nice one Cargo Carriers. The depot certainly caught our attention for there is a lot of hidden meat in this story. FleetWatch warned not long ago that the day will arrive , as it did sometime back in Europe , when companies will not award transport contracts to those transporters who are not taking steps towards being environmentally responsible. This story proves that prediction to be true.

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