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Eyes on the road

An SAB fleet vehicle with the Driver Check decal for instant response to driver behaviour on the roads.

Driver Check has been awarded the contract for the driver monitoring solution for SAB’s Isando depot where 67 vehicle stickers will be placed on the SAB delivery trailers and fixed rigs.

This will enable the public to provide feedback on driver behaviour on the roads. The 24-hour Driver Check call centre will provide instant incident notification, as well as monthly statistics for the SAB fleet. JG van Niekerk, SAB Isando distribution manager, says in addition to improving overall driver management, Driver Check will enhance the safety of the company’s fleet on the roads.

He says further that the system will also assist in preventing theft from the vehicles, an ongoing challenge for the Brewery. An additional factor in SAB’s decision to implement driver monitoring is the proposed introduction of the new AARTO points system. Van Niekerk comments: “Although we have an efficient inhouse driver training program, we cannot be complacent and we need to enhance our driver skills and understanding of the law in preparation for its nationwide roll out”.


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