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Extra protection from Shell


Shell Diesel Extra is now available to fleet operators in the mining and construction sectors and will soon be available in a number of African countries apart from South Africa where it was launched in July last year.

Designed to help protect heavy duty diesel engines, Shell Diesel Extra has been specially formulated to help prevent the build up of deposits in injector nozzles and to assist in preventing rust in the fuel pump, lines and injectors.

Raymond Abraham, fuels technical specialist at Shell SA, says as heavy-duty diesel engines get older, carbon deposits in the engine can result in increased fuel consumption, higher emissions and a fall-off in performance.

“Shell Diesel Extra has been specifically designed to help engines burn more efficiently thus delivering more fuel economy over a longer lifetime of the vehicle or equipment while also helping to prevent increased exhaust emissions and smoke,” he says.

Abraham notes that a number of African countries are planning to launch Shell Diesel Extra over the coming months.


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