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A e ssential Che C klist Pre-Trip Inspection hicle Reg #_____ Instructions: Insp _______ Beginnin ect each item on g Km’s_________ the vehicle: Do a pre-trip insp ___Date________ ection on every s _____________ hift or driver chan Each sheet to ge ge of 12 hours t completed by d river, mechanic & supervisor ngine/Fluid checks, Interio Check windscreen OK for damage r and Exterior X Check reflectors an d chevron Check for emergency triangles an d fire extinguishers Check fire extinguisher service d ate Check for jack and tools K X Check for first aid kit Check internal heater, air conditioni ng, fans and defroste r Check for licence disc Check for RTQS documents - CO F etc. Wheels: Check tyre conditio n and look for trapped stones or o ther debris Check whee l nuts Check spare wheel condition and security Check tyre pressures Check valve caps are fitted Check number plates Check tow hitch Grease and check 5th wheel Load must be secure and protect ed Brakes; Check system for air leak s Check foot brake operation Check hand brake operation Check exhaust brake operation Check tachograph operation Check if the seat belt is operation al Check if air suzie couplers are op erational Check if trailer plug is operationa l Bunks secured properly Other (specify defects below) Check if side window winders are operational Check if doors close properly and lock Check if the seat mechanism / air bag is operational No loose object in cab Does any problem O circled require the E vehicle to be taken Has a Supervisor b out of service? YE een notified? ________________ S / NO Name: ________________ ___________ YES / NO Sup ________________ ervisor Signature: _ Problem Report (De _________________ ________________ scribe all problem a _________________ ___________ reas circled above) _________________ _________________ : _________________ _________________ _________ _________________ Date: ____________ _________________ ____ Drivers Signa _________________ ture: ____________ Maintenance Work _________________ _________________ Order Issued? YES ______________ _ / NO Work Order No Date Vehicle Return : ________________ ed to service : ________________ _____ Date Opened: _____ Remarks: ________ ________________ _________________ ____________ Mechanic Signatur ________________________ ________________ _________________ e: _______________ _________________ ________ _________________ _______________ Caring for trucks + t e ssential ruckers A Che C klist INITIATIVE Brakes of the is the failure of truck accidents e and regular checks are common causes the One of the most system. Again, basic maintenanc endanger the driver, - don’t brakes and brake this your company’s priority essential. Make road users. vehicle and the road? ready for the Are your brakes Chassis rnal and Under Trailer Truck Checklist - Exte GOOD BAD GOOD BAD BRAKES n interchangeable ked & couplings no re not broken or kin e tags are correct llow-Service and lin icators etc. Red-Emergency Ye i.e. brakelights, ind 2. Check color coding ken or not coupled e Suzie’s are not bro e present on vehicl 3. Check Electrical sing Data Plates ar release Data and Load Sen ter application and 4. Check for Trailer lve does not leak af e is functioning - va 5. Check park brak External Checks 1. Check Air Suzie’s a BAD GOOD BAD GOOD BAD GOOD BAD GOOD ection: Under Chassis Insp s system for Air leak 1. Check Air brake ing for kinking 2. Check Nylon pip tears or perishing oses for chafing or 3. Check Rubber h cessive moisture d connected irs and check for ex t perished / down ro 4. Drain Air reservo s are secure and no t sing rubber linkage i.e. same left & righ 5. Check Load sen used on each axle ack adjuster hole is 6. Check correct sl mponents are OK tc.) sible mechanical co on’t rub on slacks e 7. Check that all vi to slack & clevis d bags, auto (bent, rubbing, 90˚ ension springs, air 8. Check Pushrods nents are OK (susp mechanical compo 9. Check all visible slack etc.) s are functioning rakes e foundation brake elease the spring b 10. Check all servic t on the vehicle to r ing bolts are presen 11. Check if the cag nition on off ents ake application / ig ABS / EBS Compon k” blow down on br ning ie. ABS valves “clic r headboard functio 1. Is ABS working dashboard or traile rning light on Truck 2. Is ABS / EBS wa burnt / broken _________________ (Green light) , i.e. sensor cables ___________________ g in good condition ___________________ 3. Is electrical wirin ___________________ _________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ Comments: _________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ _________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ ___________________ e ssential Che eCC klist Semi-Traile Trailer No: Semi-Tra r No: iler / Trail er Drive-A way Chec SEMI-TRAIL ER OK 1. A INITIATIVE Pre-Trip Inspection / Post Trip for Trailers klist Registration No: Registration X No: Check King pin condition Check tow hitch condition Check wheel nuts Check tyre pressure Check spare wheel condition and security Check condition of all tyres and trapped Check valve stones caps are fitted Check Number plate condition Check reflectors and chevron Check licence discs Check light connection s Check lights: Tail 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. AXLE DOLL Y OK TRAILER X OK X 15. Brake 16. Indicators Drain air tanks Check brake pipe connection s Check brakes: Foot brake 17. 18. 19. 20. Hand brake Check for air pressure leaks Check tarpaulin and ropes Check door and/or body side locks Load must be secure and protected Check for R.T.Q.S. documents - C.O.F. etc 21. 22. 23. 24. Initiative OVERLO simply DOES NO AD T IN PA G Y FACT 20% OF ALL HEAvy overloaded and trucks are for 60% of road responsible damage THE LAW You will commit an offence if: You transport a heavier what your load than vehicle is designed carry, or to You load your causing one vehicle unevenly axles to bear (or more) of the too much weight THE VEHICLE Overloadin g on a vehicle: will have the following negative nced loads Unbalanced index of tyres loading can exceed the load fitted. ... Underin effects THE SOLUTION OVERLOADING 10% MORE THAN TYRES BY JUST LOAD CAPACITY THEIR INDICATED LIFE BY AN AVERA SHORTENS TYRE GE OF 20% Initiative NEGATIVE EFFECTS... ... Unbala flated tyres Braking distance – With an distance is overloaded increased vehicle, the due to the heavier load stopping increased pushing Braking efficiency the vehicle forward momentum of the – Having and lose their effectiveness to work harder, the Tyres – Increased brakes overheat to stop the vehicle loads can wearing rapidly which increase result in tyres overheating dangerous the chance and expensive and of tyres also become under failure or blow-outs. premature, an overload. Correctly inflated under inflated the increased pressure Stability of – As the vehicle it difficult goes around to steer and curves and to correct the load is turns it makes the pushing in the opposite vehicle for the next Suspension turn as direction which, with – The entire suspension time, can system cause the Insurance weak points is put under stress – Should to give way void as overloading an accident or incident is illegal occur, cover could be FACT Ac tio n A Research and 30% has shown that between of 20% on South all heavy vehicles African roads travelling Furtherm are overloade ore, it has all legally d. been loaded heavy found that while some damage vehicles to the road cause overloade pavemen d ts, for approxim heavy vehicles are road network, ately 60% of the responsible damage represen to the per annum. ting some R1 billion More than (Source: that, overloade consider d vehicles ably impair brake and can the ability by steep steer correctly which of the driver to downhill is aggravate slopes and – an accident sharp curves d waiting result in loss of life, to happen which price tag. for which may there is no This poster highlight overloadi s the effects ng of the vehicle on the economy the transport and serves to work , the roads and together of the negative industry to promote with impacts awarenes road system and road of overloading on s safety. our Know your weight limits axle weight and the gross – Ensure you know both the permitted vehicle weight Display data that all buses, plates – Road Traffic MUST display mini-buses, goods Regulation 245 requires certain prescribed vehicles and stamped on a metal information truck tractors plate affixed clearly Load distribution in an accessible imprinted or – Ensure position secured in loads are place so as axle to avoid loads evenly distributed and shifting and overloading Weighing an – Ensure ALL vehicles loading if you have are weighed a static or Spot check mobile weighbridge before and after – Check the in-house not shifted load every or moved time you stop to ensure it has Correctly inflated tyres underinflate will d by overloading become ... Time wasted Readjusting money and a load at weighbridge wastes time. s costs ... Damag e to roads A major cause of costly vehicles damage to and to the all economy. 24 Hour Customer 0800 N3 HELP Careline (0800 63 4357) Web a Contact No: 012 844 8000 Web 24 Hour Customer 0800 BAKWENA Careline (0800 Web www.bakwena 225 9362) .za A South Africa: TRAC Help Desk 0800 872 264 / (+27) Mozambique: Twitter #TRACN4route 82 881 4444 (+258) 84 343 Customer Care E-mail: 434 6 / (+258) 82 303 430 3 callcentre@tra Web .za Initiative Sharing the roads in Harmony Trucks • Cars • Pedestrians • Cyclists • Motorbikes PARTNERED WITH THANKS Parking Date: Add your own gift for your drivers.. show you care! has 3000 free driver packs to give to truck operators to distribute to their drivers – prior to the festive season A INITIATIVE for Trucks This is an essential procedure for less costly down-time, both and a safer truck driver maintenance managers means safety and Driver _________ for the truck driver drivers - it will ensure ____________ Ve and the road users. Check under vehicle for oil, water , fuel or fluid leaks Coolant level Engine oil level Clutch fluid level Brake fluid level Fuel level Check caps and dipsticks are cor rectly fitted Check V belt condition and tensio n Drain air tanks Check warning lights and buzzers Start engine Check oil pressure Check air pressure build up Check alternator charging Check water temperature Check hooter Check wiper blade operation Check steering operation Check rear view mirrors Check lights: - head - running - tail and parking - brake - indicators Tip Driver’s Na me: Signature: e ssential A Che C klist INITIATIVE Don’t drink and drive the Driving under criminal influence is a and offence. Alcohol not do truck driving don’t do it! go together - Distorts vision Spirit cooler Sorghum beer of alcohol negatives effects ime Slows reaction t Cider Beer Tot / 25 ml 75ml Red Vodka Cocktail Tot / 25ml or 90 ml or Cane, Various % Tequila White whiskey, Wine brandy Quart Beer 3.5 - 4 U your breath od or 0.10mg in 0.02g in your blo 1 Unit comes to 0.3mg 0.4mg 0.5mg 0.6mg 0.7mg 0.8mg 0.9mg 1.0mg 1.1mg 1.2mg 0.06g 0.08g 0.10g 0.12g 0.14g 0.16g 0.18g 0.20g 0.22g 0.24g 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 tent Breath Alcohol Con tent Blood Alcohol Con No. of Units king Increases risk ta r judgement Reduced or poo e – many Increases fatigu umption hours after cons If caught, a professional his licence driver can have suspended for: offence 6 months - first d offence 5 years - secon offence 10 years - third 1 U 2 - 4 U 1 U 1 U 2 U 1.2 - 1.9 U 1.5 - 1.7 U 1.5 U tration Reduces concen is a rough male, 68kg. This based on adult cording to Calculations are ted differently ac dividual is affec guide as each in . size and weight. bloodstream. ass through the Alcohol has to p of 1 unit. r more) to get rid It takes 1 hour (o proposed New legislation t Blood Alcohol recommends tha ced to 0,02g per content be redu l drivers and 100ml for genera l for professiona 0,00g per 100ml drivers. Combination consumption a 3 hour period 70 kg 50 kg 100 kg 70 kg 50 kg A over 1 Beer Per hour Breath ml 0,10mg per 1000 = 0.05% 2 Beer Per hour 3 Beer Per hour = 0.06% 2 Beer 2 Wine 3 Double Tot 1 Beer 2 Wine 1 Double Tot = 0.13% = 0.12% = 0.07% e ssential 3 Beer 3 Wine 2 double Tot OUR AIM = 0.13% CheC Che C klist INITIATIVE Truck & Trailer Tyres in a fleet - the tyres - and one that One of the most critical costs and safety components Care and maintenance is essential. contributes to many road accidents involving trucks. but endangers both driver and Putting defective tyres on the road is not only irresponsible, other road users. Pre- and Post trip Inspection / Checklist WHAT TO DO Mark with X Trailer Mark with X Truck Reg GOOD BAD GOOD BAD YES NO YES NO GOOD Tread Area BAD GOOD BAD All you need to do is order, collect and distribute to your drivers. Help us to make a diff erence. Prepare for the busy festive season – Forewarned is forearmed. 1. Check if there is sufficient tread on the circumference of the tread area 2. Check for any irregular wear around the circumference of the tread; - Shoulder Wear - Centre Wear - Diagonal Wear - Other 3. Check for damage to tread area: - Cuts and/or exposed cord - Chipping & Chunking 4. Check for adhesion loss on edges of retread rubber sidewall Sidewall 5. Check for damage to sidewall area: - Bulges - Exposed Steel Cord - Sidewall cuts Rim and Assembly REVISED EDITION 2014 We need you to order your FREE packs for your drivers … Numbers are limited so get your orders in fast! A ve A Road Safety Initiati 6. Check for missing wheel studs or nuts 7. Check for loose or missing wheel studs 8. Check for signs of movement around the wheel nuts 9. Check for cracks around the stud holes 10. Check for deep rust dents or kinks on rim in general eneral checks before driving a 2 correct? 1. Is inflation pressure correct? c 3 lignment regularly. G . Check wheel alignment regularly. aught in the grooves and . Check for objects caught in the grooves and w 4 inbetween dual tyres t orn olerance – tread area worn . Tread depth - 3 mm tolerance – tread area worn to (TWI) level (illegal) tread wear indicator (TWI) level (illegal) Drivers If your driver is involved in an accident, especially killed or if property damaged, it is if certain actions. a legal requiremen a person is injured or t for the driver to take What to do at the scene of an accident • Stop vehicle imm ediately. Take acti on to prevent ano • Help (if you can) a ther accident. ny injured person . Keep them calm • Call emergency s and comfortable. ervices as soon a s possible. • Do not move vehi cle if any person h as been injured o hazard to traffic. r killed – unless it is a • Don’t leave the sc ene of an acciden t before the police • Give your name a say you may proc nd address and n eed. ame and address person who has a of vehicle owner t reason to ask for o any it. • Do not drink any a lcohol or take dru gs unless under t medical doctor. he instruction of a Moving the Vehicle • If a vehicle must b e moved, mark its exact position on • Move just enough the road to let other traffic pass • If no person is inj ured or killed, the vehicle may be m officer or police b oved without a tra eing called. ffic Statements You are required b y law to only give your: • Name and addres s and show your l icence • Give the name an d address of your employer • You are not requir ed to give any fur ther statements to the police and sh Before leaving ould not talk to an the accident y other person. • Get names and ad dress of the injure d, and how they w • Get details of dam ere injured. age to vehicles or property. • Get name and add ress of witnesses • If vehicle has tach ograph remove re port. Ask traffic o • Take notes of veh fficer / police to si icles position, sur gn and date repor roundings and tra t. ffic signs so you c an make a sensib le accident report . An accident If no traffic officer must be reported within 24 hours or police is at the scene of the accident. Ask us about Ctrack Fleet Protector. The policy that keeps every employee in the event of completely covered an accident. 0860 333 444 • fleetprotector@ctrac • Always Visible IMPROVING ROA A INITIATIVE IMPROVING ROA e ssential Che C klist Accident Procedures for R TRUCKERS TYRE TIPS FO D SAFETY 5 Implement these procedures - they will save you money R TRUCKERS TYRE TIPS FO D SAFETY Do not use mismatched tyres 5. 6 . Do not use mismatched tyres 7 . . Use the correct tyre for your application Use the correct tyre for your application Ensure proper rotation of tyres . . Ensure proper rotation of tyres Initiative THE A-Z OF DRIVER HEALTH 100 kg Limits for Professional Drivers Blood 0,02g per 100ml in by Cards produced er trucking togeth the interest of safer Solutions stone & Max T with partners Bridge