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Driver Check shows some heart


Hats Off to Driver Check for donating vehicle decals and 24 hour monitoring services for the fleet of Heartbeat vehicles, an NGO offering support to AIDS orphans and vulnerable children.The vehicles are primarily used for the distribution of donated food parcels and gifts to the community in seven of South Africa’s nine provinces. Teresa McNeill, Heartbeat CEO, gives the background: “Heartbeat was founded as a response to the massive AIDS orphan challenges in South Africa. By December 2010, Heartbeat will have reached over 54 000 Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) through direct and indirect interventions. These include child-headed households, granny-headed households and potential orphans living with terminally ill parents.

“As a charity, we are accountable to the South African people as well as to our primary sponsors in the USA. As a result, it is vitally important to us to ensure that we are setting a good example for the community – and this includes our drivers that represent us in highly visible vehicles on the roads,’ she says.

In the search to find a driver monitoring service, Heartbeat approached Driver Check who immediately offered to provide the service free of charge for the fleet.

The Heartbeat fleet vehicles have all been provided with a sticker displaying the Driver Check call centre number.

“After the first six weeks of using the system, we feel that we have better brand integrity and our drivers are displaying more responsible behaviour,’ says McNeill.

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