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Diesel – it’s in his veins

Having travelled all over the world, rebuilt a classic Mercedes-Benz 280 L and performed miracles with his golf handicap, Peter Wraight, formerly of Mercedes Benz Commercial vehicles, is back where he belongs - in the trucking industry.

There is absolute truth in the saying that once diesel gets into your blood, your fate and fortune will forever be bound to trucks and trucking. This certainly bears out in the case of Peter Wraight, former product manager for Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles.

It was only in April last year that Wraight retired from Mercedes-Benz South Africa after 31 years unbroken service. A mere 15 months later his passion, energy and yearning for heavy commercial vehicles and all things transport became too strong to ignore and he returned to the industry to head up Voith Turbo SA’s Road Division.

Wraight is an interesting personality in his own right but it is his unswerving enthusiasm for his chosen industry that has been a key dynamic in the success and profitability of the products he works with.

He has never been afraid of sharing his knowledge and expertise and it is this characteristic that has endeared him to customers, operators, suppliers, colleagues and even the press, all of whom are equally important in his mind.

As part of the local Voith management team, Wraight will lead the Road Division and is thus ultimately responsible for national sales, service and support activities for automatic bus transmissions and hydrodynamic retarders for truck and bus applications.

Based in Witfield, Boksburg and reporting to MD, Graham Russell, Wraight will also be tasked with building the divisional business activities in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Welcome back Peter. We knew you wouldn’t be able to leave.


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