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Desperate Cry


When I dropped Dr Frans Beetge of SAMIB Underwriting Managers a line thanking him for his comments and suggestions, he replied with words I feel are worth repeating. Here’s what he said…

“My response is a desperate cry from an insurer who, for 16 years, has tried to instill a risk management approach in his transport operator clients but the bad roads, congested traffic and careless drivers have now caught up with me.

These conditions will remain with us for a long time and the only solution is to get the drivers to adopt a preventative care attitude to avoid accidents and for the transport operator to manage his drivers in a responsible manner.

There are many such transport operators but unfortunately, for the majority, it is a matter of ‘˜I pay my premium and hence accidents are taken care of by the insurance company. I have other important matters to attend to.’ This is, of course, a foolish attitude.’

Food for thought I’d say!

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