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Dairy tanker from GRW boasts many SA firsts.

Milk delivered in a unique tanker – another innovation from GRW.

GRW had produced yet another tanker – this time a milk tanker – which features a number of firsts in South Africa.

Commissioned by Eqstra Fleet Management for the collection and delivery of milk from dairy farms to Clover’s facilities for the production of dairy consumer goods, the tanker boasts the following features. Elimination of the conventional manlids on top of the tank, together with ladders, walkways and handrails, and the positioning of a single manlid in the rear dish of the tanker increases personnel safety. Separation of the loading and discharge points maintains the integrity of the product, and a permanent hose connection between the rigid and the drawbar trailer maintains hygiene and expedites loading times.

Product integrity is preserved and food safety is maximised through the innovative automated milk management system, designed in collaboration with Inoxpa, Spanish leaders in pump technology. Controlled via a wireless network by cellphone the integrated automation of the system allows for all componentry to be synchronised. Risk to the product and to the equipment is minimised from the milk sampling during loading; through accurate temperature control; accurate volume measurement; overfill protection; to the washing cycle that sterilises the tanker, pipe lines, hoses, and equipment.

The automation allows for the entire process of transportation, from collection to delivery, to be audited to meet health and hygiene standards.

FleetWatch salutes GRW on yet another world-class tanker design.


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