Ctrack now also offers insurance product

2014-09-02 09:40
The new Ctrack Fleet Protector insurance product gives 24/7 access to the EVAC24 call centre which makes use of the largest fleet of ambulances and helicopters from ER24, Netcare 911 and others.

Vehicle tracking and fleet management company Ctrack has added another arrow to its bow of offerings with the introduction of an insurance product that covers employees in the event of an accident. The product is called the Ctrack Fleet Protector and has been structured in conjunction with Loyalty Life, International SOS and Hollard.

Since many trucking companies don’t match a specific vehicle to a specific driver, what truck operators will find attractive is that the product is linked to a vehicle rather than to an employee. Multiple drivers are therefore covered in the event of an accident.

This new product gives 24/7 access to the EVAC24 call centre meaning one phone call is all it takes to dispatch the closest ambulance and take the injured to the appropriate hospital for treatment. The EVAC24 emergency service makes use of the largest fleet of ambulances and helicopters from Netcare 911, ER24 and others. All dispatching and transporting costs by road or air are fully covered and hospital acceptance is guaranteed up to R100 000.

There are number of additional benefits – too many to mention here but some of them include R100 000 paid to the employee’s family in the event of death, R15 000 funeral cover, a disability benefit of R100 000 as well as R100 000 rehabilitation cover for costs incurred during rehabilitation due to a disability. No doubt to encourage the wearing of seatbelts, an additional R10 000 benefit is paid if the police report finds that a seat belt was worn when the accident occurred.

Although many trucking companies do not allow passengers to be carried, there are those that allow long haul drivers to periodically travel with their wives. In this case, the policy includes R20 000 to cover the hospitalisation costs of any family member involved in an accident when travelling with the employee in the insured vehicle.

Looking at this policy, Ctrack has obviously drawn on its many years of experience in dealing with the trucking industry as it certainly incorporates solutions to many of the problems and requirements faced by drivers and operators when accidents do occur. It’s been well thought out to add value.


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