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Autonomous Volvo FHs go onto full action

2018-11-28 05:00
This autonomous Volvo FH has no driver. It hauls limestone on a five kilometer stretch between the mine itself and the crusher. There are five such trucks running in this operation.

The autonomous truck is far away from South Africa’s reality but in Europe, it is becoming more and more of a reality with this story giving our local readers a glimpse into the type of developments taking place in countries


Nulaid contract is extended for Imperial Logistics

2018-11-28 04:52
To optimise its solution to Nulaid, Imperial Logistics has invested in purpose-built “egg spec” vehicles, with insulated bodies, vents and fans. The trucks also feature drop safes in the cabs for cash handling. Some 12 million eggs are distributed annually.

Imperial Logistics has secured a long-term contract to distribute Nulaid eggs with the group’s initial three-year contract with Quantum Foods being extended for five years. This is based on its continued success in delivering efficiency enhancements and cost savings while


Altron’s Netstar wins top award

2018-11-28 04:31
A proud Rudy du Plooy (left), Netstar General Manager: Software Development and Quintin De Kok, Netstar Developer, with the TT100 awards.

Congratulations to Netstar, a subsidiary of JSE-listed Altron, on receiving the prestigious 2018 Minister of Science and Technology’s top award for overall excellence for large enterprises in the Technology Top 100 Business Innovation Awards. It also received three other awards


ContiPressureCheck tyres adopted by MAN Automotive

2018-11-28 04:17
The ContiPressureCheck system comprises one transmitter – 2 cm long and weighing less than 20 grams including sensors – and a processor, which is affixed to the inside of the tyre tread in a rubber bracket. When the tyre is changed, the processor can be removed from the bracket and reused in the new tyre. The battery lasts six years, or approximately 600 000 km.

MAN Automotive South Africa has selected Continental’s Intelligent Tyres fitted with ContiPressureCheck (CPC) for its premium range of EfficientLine trucks. These tyres allow for real-time monitoring of tyre performance, pressure and temperature thus enabling fleet managers and drivers to reduce


Reef Tankers wins 2018 Responsible Care Award

2018-11-15 12:36
A proud Vic Ferreira, (left) executive managing director of Reef Tankers and his son Wesley Ferreira after receiving the 2018 CAIA Responsible Care Haulier Award at a function held in Johannesburg earlier this week.

FleetWatch extends its heartiest congratulations to Reef Tankers on being awarded the 2018 CAIA Responsible Care Haulier Award in recognition of its outstanding year-on-year increase in the performance of its Responsible Care programmes and for sustaining a high Safety, Health


2019 SAPICS conference aims to ease ‘turbulent times’

2018-11-15 11:59
Now in its 41st year, the annual SAPICS Conference is Africa’s leading knowledge sharing and networking event for supply chain professionals. The next event will be taking place in Cape Town from June 9th to 12th, 2019.

Blockchain, artificial intelligence, automation and 3-D printing are among the technologies that are revolutionising supply chains and supply chain managers aiming for success must expand and improve their traditional skills and knowledge. So says Mungo Park, president of SAPICS, The