Industry Observations


Where are the premium rates?

2011-08-01 14:12

A Broker mentioned to me that there are now approximately 19 or more Underwriters in the Heavy Commercial Underwriting boxing ring! Whether this is an accurate number or not, this grabbed my attention. I’m not exactly sure how many there


Case Study: The “Grey Area” claims revisited

2011-07-01 14:12
These pictures of the truck and the damage were submitted by the client with the claim.

The Subject this month: An Isuzu 8 tonner. The Claim: A gearbox/bell housing/ propshaft “mess’. Apparently driving through carnage, the truck suffered this mechanical damage. The fun part of the Claim is , and I quote from the Claim Form


Reefer drivers shine in the chaos

2011-05-01 14:12

I don’t know how many of you have driven on our national roads on the Thursday evening prior to the Easter weekend. I know this publication often speaks of the Guardian Angels who man the emergency services during these stressed


Looking for a precedent to prevent extortion

2011-04-01 14:12
Job seekers should enter the truck towing or panel-beating industries as 2011 should spell continued good times for both these sectors.

I was witness to a truck accident a week ago. So what, you say? Accidents happen every day. Well yes, but ‘˜witness’ in that it was right outside where we were standing and the noise of a combination falling over


Roll out eNatis to all our neighbours

2011-03-01 14:12
 At the time of writing, the Gauteng Tolls had been suspended.

It was recently announced that our eNatis licensing system would be extended to one of our neighbours, Namibia. I agree with the AA organization that it is fantastic that the footprint of licensing is extended to one of our neighbours