Driver’s Voice


Consider comfort and safety…

2011-08-01 19:44
Consider the comfort and safety of your drivers before buying a particular make of truck.

In this article, FleetWatch’s driver correspondent tells of the wisdom of considering the comfort and safety of your drivers before buying a particular make of truck. For obvious reasons, the driver’s identity is kept anonymous. In my last article I


Thanks for nothing Agri Port!

2011-07-01 19:44

I have just finished subbing our driver’s stories and sent an email to him to say hi. He receives emails on his Blackberry. The time is 02h00. Here is his reply… “Just finished off loading at Agri Port. Was standing


Frustrating delays continue at Durban

2011-07-01 14:59
Lengthy delays at Durban Harbour almost certainly contribute to driver fatigue and accidents.

As a follow on to my last story about the delays at Durban Harbour and the Agri Port, I arrived yesterday afternoon (July 6th) at 15h30 and followed the line slowly during the night. It is now 06h20 and I


The truck I am driving is not roadworthy

2011-07-01 14:59
When our driver correspondent reported to his workshops that the ABS system on his trailer was not working, he was told: “Why do you need an ABS system? It’s just a money making thing.” Here’s why Mr Workshop Manager: All trailers manufactured from 2004 have to be fitted with an ABS system - and it has to be functioning at all times. That’s the law!

In this article, I want to focus on the roadworthiness of trucks and give a real life example of how flawed the whole system is. Last week I took my trailers for roadworthy and got my new license disks without


The return of the driver’s voice

2011-06-01 19:44
ILLEGAL PARKING? About 150 trucks arrive per day to offload at the Durban Bulk Store and according to our driver correspondent, it can take up to two days for them to offload and get going again. And while they’re in the queue, the Durban Metro cops fine them for illegal parking – when there is no legal parking to talk of. This, in FleetWatch’s opinion, is sheer exploitation by Durban City.

Readers may recall that some years ago when FleetWatch used a husband and wife truck driving team, Walter and Carol Van Piggelen, to put across the voice of the drivers out there. Their articles were thought provoking and in some


The Best of the Best

2011-05-01 19:44
Out on the test track it was all about millimetres.

Three cheers to Scania southern Africa for once again hosting its Driver of the Year competition in an effort to promote and reward the highest standards of driver standards and professionalism among its client fleets. The finals of the year