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Q&A for Newcomers

2010-11-01 21:02

FleetWatch put together some questions we feel a newcomer would ask and put them to Brendan Horan, general manager of sales and marketing for MiX Telematics, for answers. Take his advice for he makes pretty good sense. What should you


FM systems show hike in accidents

2010-11-01 21:00

A noticeable increase in hijackings and accidents has been picked up over the last year by Emote Systems, a fleet management service provider that piggy backs its service delivery through its customer’s existing fleet management systems. “We’ve been compiling the


Driver training benefits

2010-11-01 21:00
The control room at Autotrak –looking for new ways for new ways to add value.

In the story headed ‘˜The Growing Challenges’ featured in this edition, Dave Scott contends that one of the challenges facing fleet management systems suppliers is to change the outputs of systems from data and information into knowledge based outputs. “Throwing


Growing challenges

2010-11-01 18:47
The trend of OEM’s offering their own FM packages as part of their services was picked up by FleetWatch at the IAA Hannover show as far back as 2006. FleetBoard, now strong in South Africa, had a huge presence as did other manufacturers like DAF, Volvo, Scania and others with their systems.

Vehicle tracking and fleet management systems have taken off in trucking companies all around the world, However, while one may think suppliers can now rest on their laurels, not so. In this article, FleetWatch technical correspondent, Dave Scott, gives his


Maintaining for safety

2010-10-01 21:02
When last did you check the wipers on your trucks? The rain is here so make this check part of your maintenance procedures.

Although considered to be critical safety components, Federal Mogul, probably one of the better known manufacturers and distributors of automotive component parts in South Africa with a series of specialist brands such as Ferodo in its stable, consider them to


Do not ignore maintenance

2010-10-01 21:02
There are many trucks out on the road which,because of their state of disrepair, seem to indicate this as normal practice for many operators. Eieesh!

Many operators have held onto their trucks for longer than usual due to the economic downturn. Here FleetWatch reminds operators that it essential that proper maintenance procedures be followed if those trucks are to remain efficient and profitable. Why are


Lubricate your way to success

2010-10-01 21:00
Do not over grease the fifth wheel.

While grease is cheap enough, it is important that fleet operators choose grease based on their specific needs and the type of operation they are involved in. Many operators use the same grease for everything – kingpins, fifth wheels, universal


Push is on to go green

2010-09-25 21:42
Depending on the operation, the ecoFridge can be equipped with a variety of onboard nitrogen storage tanks. The system is recommended for single or multi-temperature operations. Several units are currently being used as pilot operations under local conditions in a variety of primary and secondary distribution tasks.

Being seen to be going green is gaining pace in the business of refrigerated trucking and this is especially so since the emergence of the ecoFridge, environmentally friendly packaging and lower emissions. Good news is that the ecoFridge is alive


New roll over door is a success

2010-09-25 21:35
Abdul Sher Ally from Serco operating one of the new roll over doors.

The advantages of a new insulated roll over door which Serco introduced impressed Freshmark to the extent that an order of 41 new trailers for Shoprite Checkers will have the new insulated roll-over door fitted. On top of that, SPAR


Transporting Perishables in South Africa 2010

2010-09-06 18:06
Transporters and fleet owners involved in the distribution of frozen goods make massive investments in appropriate equipment.

In this annual update of the refrigerated trucking sector, FleetWatch special correspondent Max Braun examines the products, trends and issues that are affecting and impacting on the transport of perishables in South Africa. Transporting perishables by road is one of