Industry Observations


Pay attention to the detail

2010-11-01 14:12
A distinct lack of attention to detail is clearly evident in the trucking industry.

Recently I observed this event: I passed a school where the sports master, I assume, was teaching children , I guess eight or nine years olds – to play tennis. But here is the part I liked: The teacher was


Go find the Goat!

2010-10-01 14:12
“Go and find the goat”!

In one of his books, Thomas Friedman tells this story: There is a community of Bedouins in the Desert – say Arabia. One fairly large family has a herd of goats and camels among their meager possessions. One morning, one


Third Party Covers

2010-09-25 16:36

Right from the outset I urge anybody reading this article to overlook any inferred points which could be viewed as exacerbating disputes and to keep in mind the objective is to stimulate debate about current and future trends in the


How to avoid insurance claims being repudiated

2010-09-25 16:34

Have any of your vehicles been in an accident and the claim you put into your insurance company is repudiated? Don’t feel alone. According to Chris Barry, managing director of Heavy Commercial Vehicle Underwriters (HCV), client loyalty is no longer