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BPW introduces Eco Disc

BPW has introduced ECO Disc, a new disc brake system for trailers which it says offers significant advantages over similar brake systems on the market.

BPW has launched a new trailer disc brake, the ECO Disc. While disc brake callipers are normally derivatives of callipers used on truck disc brake systems, BPW’s ECO Disc is specifically designed for use on trailers. In addition to providing straightforward serviceability, the compact design of the ECO Disc has enabled weight savings amounting to more than ten kilograms per axle, which makes this development a milestone in BPW running gear technology.

In order to ensure that the new trailer disc brake meets BPW’s high quality standards, it has been subjected to BPW’s own road testing and thoroughly put through its paces in extremely demanding field trials – the Arctic Circle and the Australian outback being two of the trial locations.

Thanks to the positioning of the return mechanism, which is operated from the front and which is therefore considerably easier to access, the pads can be quickly changed thus reducing vehicle downtime

The bellows covering the guide pins have been moved inwards, so that they are better protected against damage – and dirt and moisture cannot penetrate the brake. Another plus point is the adjustment mechanism which combines the advantages of single strut tensioning with double strut tensioning. The result is even pad wear combined with robust adjustment.

The BPW trailer brake disc (TSB) ECO Disc is available in three brake designs. The TSB 3709 (ø disc 370 mm, for 9 t axle load) and TSB 4309 (ø disc 430 mm, for 9 t axle load) will be entering full production in autumn 2009, while the TSB 4312 (ø disc 430 mm, for 12 t axle load) will be available from the middle of 2010.


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