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Border corruptions now ‘serious’


Corruption, which has always been evident at the Beitbridge border post to varying degrees, seems to be now taking on serious proportions. This is according to a recent communiqué issued by the Federation of East and Southern African Transport Associations. The communiqué states that information from various sources is that truck drivers must pay US$200 (R1 410) each time they want their gate pass stamped to exit the border and enter Zimbabwe.

“This is prevalent but clients are not willing to speak about this issue as they fear victimisation. It is, however, believed that this issue exists due to the inefficiencies in the office. If the cargo moved efficiently, it would reduce the bribery,’ it states. So let’s get the cargo moving efficiently by getting the office right. All this is doing is adding to the costs of interregional trade , and that is not good for the growth and international competiveness of the region.


Note, it’s on the South African not the Zimbabwean side, so where are our big shots to sort this out and put a halt to this type of rubbish?


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