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Biofuels Update – Sept 2010

Scania South Africa has an ethanol fueled bus on test in Johannesburg

There is not a much new to report on biofuels. Some progress appears to have been made regarding the production of ethanol.

It seems the preferred choice of feedstocks will be sugar cane and sugar beet. While prospective producers wait in the wings for the Department of Energy (DME) to finalise the cleaner fuels strategy, not much is being said about how an ethanol blend is to be blended with petroleum products, where the blending will take place and how it is to be distributed.

Being exceptionally hygroscopic, ethanol cannot be transported or stored where there is any risk of contact with water and other possible contaminants. Shelf life will also need to be addressed in order to eliminate as far as possible reducing the integrity of blended products before they are used. Along similar lines, Cargo Info Africa published a comment from the UK P&I Club pointing out that there are transport, handling and storage risks associated with biofuels. The UK Club says following the first generation feedstocks, new feedstocks are entering the market and could also be a source of risk.


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