Automatic electronic payments now accepted on the N4

2017-03-02 09:45
Automatic electronic tag payments are now being accepted all the South African-based mainline plazas and ramps on the TRAC N4 toll road.

As of 01 March 2017 automatic electronic tag payments will be accepted on the TRAC N4 Toll Route. This follows a successful month-long pilot phase of the automatic electronic payment system recently conducted on the national highway whereby selected SANRAL clients participated.

In view of this, all registered SANRAL tag holders will now be able to use their electronic tags at all the South African-based mainline plazas and ramps on the TRAC N4 toll road.

These are as follows: Diamond Hill Mainline Plaza; Middelburg Mainline Plaza; Machado Mainline Plaza; Nkomazi Mainline Plaza; Donkerhoek Ramp; Cullinan Ramp; Valtaki Ramp; and Ekandustria Ramp

At this stage, there are no dedicated lanes for the electronic tag system at the above plazas meaning that all toll booths will be electronic tag-compliant. In view of this, all existing payment methods will also continue to be accepted at all toll booths on the N4 toll road.

TRAC believes the automated electronic payment system will benefit road users as such technology is believed to enhance safety, convenience and mobility on a highway such as the N4 Toll Route.

Although TRAC’s two Mozambican plazas also accept electronic tag payments, the Mozambican and South African systems are not linked and neither countries’ tags will work in the other.


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