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Amended toll tariffs now gazetted

Gauteng Freeways Improvement Project – One of the provisions is a lower cap for frequent users.

Alta Swanepoel and Associates has issued a statement notifying that the Department of Transport and SANRAL have published a Government Gazette with the amended toll tariff provisions for the GFIP toll roads.

One of the provisions the gazette introduces is the lower caps for frequent users that comply with the relevant provisions. It is part of the changes announced by the Deputy President some time ago. As an example, the lower cap for class A2 motor vehicles is reduced to R225 a month (current cap is R450 a month). The new provisions will apply from 2 July 2015.

Alta Swanepoel, Director of Alta Swanepoel and Associates
Alta Swanepoel, Director of Alta Swanepoel and Associates

The discount provision on the old toll debt is also included in the Gazette. Swanepoel points out that those provisions relating to that specific discount (5.20 to 5.23) are not in force yet and will be implemented by notice in the Gazette. The Conditions of payment notice is also included in the gazette as well as a memorandum explaining the provisions in detail.

The notices are published in Gazette No. 38884 of 17 June 2015 which can be accessed at www.gpwonline.co.za.

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