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Jan de Bruin, CEO of Highway Ministry handed out Bibles and Study Books to Chief Provincial Inspector JM Mosia, Constable Makaleng, Acting Mayor Clr Moremi and acting Chief Director Mayisele who gave a words of thanks and encouragement to the attendees.

Following the introduction of Good News Trucking in last month’s edition of FleetWatch, we continue the theme this month by highlighting what we feel are two more good news stories from those involved in the trucking industry.

The first was an event held towards the end of last year which we haven’t been able to feature until now due to space constraints. The event took place in Heidelberg and was organised by Highway Ministry to honour and thank the traffic and emergency services personnel in the area for the sterling work they do.

Present at the function were men and women from the traffic, police and other emergency service units who were treated to a fantastic lunch while being honoured by various speakers among whom, the editor of FleetWatch, Patrick O’Leary was privileged to be one.

Acting Mayor of Lesedi Councillor Moremi
Acting Mayor of Lesedi Councillor Moremi

Highway Ministry is an interdenominational ministry directed at the trucking industry. It is a non-profit organization with its mission to proclaim and establish the word and love of Jesus Christ in the hearts of all people involved in the trucking industry.

Finding solutions to problems rather than preaching without offering alternatives is the objective of Highway Ministry. Since the transport industry is plagued by various social issues, the ministry aims at providing a complete spectrum of support services dealing with problems such as alcohol and other drug related dependencies, AIDS/HIV, marital discord, prostitution as well as focusing on general skills for a healthy and integrated lifestyle.

It is headed by Jan de Bruin who was one of the founders of the ministry along with FleetWatch and a few others and who is still as passionate as ever about helping truck drivers on the road. In his welcome address, De Bruin stated simply that the sole reason for the function was to say thank you to those people who help the community, often at great cost to themselves.

gn-right3Interesting is that Simon Mokhale, who now works full time for Highway Ministry as a pastor, was a former director in the SAPS and joined the ministry when he retired.

Having worked as a cop all his life, he knows and understands well the environment in which they work and was able to touch on some sensitive subjects with understanding and empathy.

Acting Mayor Clr Moremi lays a wreath during the In Memoriam ceremony.
Acting Mayor Clr Moremi lays a wreath during the In Memoriam ceremony.

However, using the Bible and God’s word as the foundation to his statements, he pulled no punches when he said that what is missing today in the forces is loyalty in line with the job being a calling.

We know from television and newspapers of people who have dented the image of the security services, the correctional services and even the Department of Justice. We have a few men who have infiltrated our ranks with ulterior motives. Let us ask God for forgiveness and God will guide us and make victory ours. We owe it to the citizens of South Africa. We don’t want people who are denting the image of our services,’ he said.

This message was echoed by O’Leary who stated that while the citizens of South Africa , and the trucking industry in particular , welcomed the good work done by police and emergency services, it remains a great pity that there are a few among the ranks who tarnish the good name of all by their selfish practices.

A hearty lunch was enjoyed by all in an atmosphere of camaraderie.
A hearty lunch was enjoyed by all in an atmosphere of camaraderie.

“Corruption has tainted the good name of the cops and you need, among yourselves, to weed out those members who are guilty of corruption and clean up your image. The reality is that while we are honouring and thanking you all today, there are many citizens of South Africa who do not feel the same way , and this is a great injustice to those who are doing their jobs well,’ he said.

The event ended with Jan de Bruin presenting Bibles and study material to various dignitaries followed by a wreath laying ceremony for those members of the various services who have lost their lives in the line of duty. It was all the right stuff and we lift our hats to Highway Ministry for this grand gesture.


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