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Adcock Ingram acquires Virtual Logistics

The acquisition of Virtual Logistics will make Adcock Ingram one of the largest fine distributors in the country.
The acquisition of Virtual Logistics will make Adcock Ingram one of the largest fine distributors in the country.

In a significant move to expand their distribution offering, Adcock Ingram Healthcare (Pty) Ltd, has acquired Virtual Logistics (Pty) Ltd, a national and cross border fine distribution company. The acquisition is effective from this month.

For those of you who don’t recognise the term ‘fine distribution’ don’t sweat. I also had to ask. This is the term used for the distribution of small quantities of mixed items to, for example, pharmacies as opposed to bulk distribution in broken bulk sent to wholesalers.

Already a well-established logistics operator, Adcock Ingram is the only local pharmaceutical company offering a full service pharmaceutical distribution solution. Adcock Ingram does direct distribution nationally to wholesalers, hospitals pharmacies and home deliveries to patients.

“This acquisition brings us closer to realising our strategic vision of owning a fully compliant network and will make us one of the largest fine distributors in the country,” says Tobie Krige, managing director of the distribution division.

“Virtual Logistics has an extensive national footprint across South Africa with tailored solutions for hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, healthcare practices and general retail delivery outlets. This expanded footprint will complement our operational reach and capacity, allowing for improved service levels to customers, especially pharmacies. Our well established ability to offer a contract service to potential customers will be enhanced by this deal,” says Krige.

The reach of over 3 000 destinations currently serviced by Virtual Logistics will enhance and expand the Adcock Ingram offering of over 6 000 drop points allowing greater choice in ‘route to market’ for all industry stakeholders. This is of particular importance in the pharmaceutical industry where compliance requirements are non-negotiable. 

“Adcock Ingram’s valuable owner driver enterprise development initiative will gain critical mass as we combine the two companies’ schemes under the new structure, which will assist in achieving our transformation objectives,” Krige concluded.

Jeanette Charlton, managing director and owner of Virtual Logistics, will join the Adcock Ingram distribution management team to ensure a seamless integration process. “I’m excited about the future of Virtual Logistics and this opportunity for the company to reach its full potential under the Adcock Ingram umbrella,” Charlton enthuses.

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