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A world first for South Africa

“MiX3000 puts high end fleet management capability in the hands of the entry level transporter” - Brendan Horan,GM sales and marketing, MiX Telematics SA.

A self-managed fleet management and stolen vehicle recovery system recently launched on the local market houses world first communications technology available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android phones, as well as the Apple iPod.

The recently launched MiX Telematics MiX3000 is described by MiX Telematics South Africa GM sales and marketing, Brendan Horan, as an entry level fleet management solution for customers who want to self-manage their vehicles on-line. “The MiX3000 is an easy to use, track and trace system with intelligent, fast and visually enhanced reporting features including a driver identification option and stolen vehicle recovery services administered through the Johannesburg operations team,’ says Horan.

The MiX3000 utilises the extensive GSM network making it possible to communicate with the unit anywhere in South Africa. Horan says it is an ideal product for fleet managers who are looking to improve fleet productivity and efficiency but are restricted by budgetary constraints.

MiX3000 is compatible with the Mix Mobile applications which are now available for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android phones as well as the Apple iPod. According to Horan, this is a world first and allows users to literally run their vehicle fleets from their mobile phones. He says the next phase of the MiX3000 project will see the product rolled out on global markets.


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