Monday, November 29, 2021

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Heavy Lift raises Yellow Jersey Logistics to new heights

So you thought because trucking companies haul goods, all they need is some truck tractors and trailers. Well, that may be true for some...

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HINO’s response to July unrest helps keeps them top of ratings

Congratulations to Hino South Africa on their superb results in the DATATrack comparative truck study rankings for the third quarter of 2021 recently released. Hino...

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Webinar – AARTO – Now is the time to get ready

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Chart 1: Freight Transport changes on a year ago.

Recovery of the transport industry shows potential but unrest impact is still to be...

The good news is that as measured by the Ctrack Freight Transport Index, the overall logistics sector continued to show tremendous growth with year...

The importance of tracking and fleet management

Owning and operating vehicles efficiently, no matter the industry, is reliant on information. Having the correct information in a tangible format is imperative to...
“It is critical that the road freight industry be allowed to continue operating with as little interruption as possible. Its contribution is vital, not just economically but in the sense that road freight transport helps keep us all alive” - Pierre Bruwer, managing director, Netstar.

Netstar MD calls on all South Africans to support truckers

As the third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic breaks across South Africa, it is critical that the freight and logistics sector be kept functioning...

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Discovery Business Insurance for heavy commercial vehicles

Discovery Business Insurance understand that heavy commercial vehicles are different from other vehicles. That is why we created the Heavy commercial vehicles’ product to...

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