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MasterTrucker – a division of the MasterDrive Advanced Driver Training Company upgrades Fleet on Internationally accredited Rollover Prevention Training

Johannesburg-based RAC Group, through its MasterTrucker division is now into its 4th year of training drivers on a crucial aspects of road transport which prevent rollovers

The training was introduced to the Afrox fleet and its contractors in 2012 with a view to ensuring that drivers who deliver Afrox products to customers were equipped with the best internationally recognised capabilities

Affirming its  commitment to the Heavy vehicle driver training  industry  the  training fleet  has subsequently been expanded to include a custom  designed Tanker  which facilitates  training by allowing drivers to experience  the impact on a fully loaded Tanker

Revealed  to the media and  industry leaders  at the RAC training facility  the new equipment  – fitted with cameras  and monitoring equipment  –  was pushed to limit as  participants at  the MasterTrucker open day  took turns to  experience first-hand the dynamics of the training.

The frequency of roll-over accidents involving tankers in South Africa is of a much higher frequency than most people realise, and by allowing affected parties to  test drive  the  this training rig in a safe environment  sensitivities with regard to its challenges was highlighted.  .

The cost of a roll-over accident is excessive, as the truck-tractor and the specialised tanker equipment is expensive and invariably results in environmental damage to the road surface and surrounding areas. These accidents are usually high profile events with plenty of media coverage, which can harm the reputation and public image of the company involved too. Costs can be as high as R 30 million depending on various factors, not the least of which is Company Image – think of the oil spillage and North America when an offshore rig failed!

The Tanker

With a view to improving driving standards and supporting road safety MasterTrucker have in cooperation with GRW developed a dedicated Tanker training unit based on the latest European specifications. The tanker is fitted with the latest and greatest   from braking specialists – Knorr Bremse – and axle specialists BPW. Their partnership in developing a training tool suited specifically to South African conditions was invaluable as was the input of tyre giant Continental. The tanker runs on super single tyres on the 3 axles as well as the bespoke outriggers, which take incredible strain in the driver training.

In order to achieve optimum efficiency in the actual training design engineers from GRW’s tanker division spec’d optimum load distribution factors – an important component in enabling drivers to understand the factors that contribute to a rollover.

The original programme developed under the auspices of TUV Rheinland, a German Certification Company, has subsequently been  enhanced to the point where drivers who engage  in ‘mandatory’ two year refresher training see a significant benefit in the time spent in the classroom and truck cab.  MasterTrucker’ s  success in South Africa – for which it hosts  drivers from the across the African continent – as far afield as Nigeria and Kenya has resulted in  engaging with companies in South America as well as in Asia.

Eugene  Herbert  Group CEO  comments “ it’s an endorsement of our training skills in SA that we can benchmark  the standards in other emerging countries” and added “ many companies  recognise that trying to apply training methodology from Europe or other 1st world companies doesn’t work – rather  go to the experts in the 3rd world”.

The MasterTrucker instructors recently underwent a  specialised HGV  training program with VVCR from Holland – acknowledged  experts in this field – so as to ensure that besides being  the  only  “gold standard” of  rollover  prevention training they can as easily deliver any other truck driver training  to international  standards.

The local programme, enjoys the support of MAN Truck & Bus, BPW Axles, Knorr Bremse, Bandit Signs, Unitrans and Continental tyres

The Program

Commencing with a theoretical session where scale models of trucks and tankers are used for tactile demonstrations – allowing    drivers to be fully engaged – the participants are immersed in practical training, experiencing in reality what was learned in the classroom.

Evident in the compilation of the 2016 training program was the fact that Trucknology is developing at a phenomenal rate that means drivers need to know how this impacts on their use of a truck. A component of the training is dedicated to upskilling and / or educating participants through an interactive component behind the wheel, testing fist hand such technology.

MasterTrucker   initially focussed on the gas industry and now with a proven track record the benefits have been made available to any transporter exposed to such risks. With other players – such as dry bulk movers a concrete transporters are becoming beneficiaries of   bespoke training modules.

“It took a few  months to get  our specialised equipment in place and the team trained to international standards, but now  the sky’s the limit  as we are confident that  our  training will result in a marked drop in the number of crashes  involving heavy vehicles  on our roads,” added CEO Eugene Herbert.

MasterTrucker also provide:

  • Accredited HGV  training
  • Dangerous Goods training
  • Forklift  training
  • HGV Defensive  driver training
  • Train the Trainer  training

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