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Say goodbye to Kobus; say hello to Jasper

On 1 December 2016, Mercedes-Benz South Africa (MBSA) will welcome Jasper Hafkamp as its new executive director for the Regional Centre Southern Africa (RCSA). He will be responsible for Daimler Trucks & Buses (DT&B) in southern Africa. This follows the

Hats off to Nick’s Motors for walking the talk
Amarok changes lives of young girls
Amarok helps to change lives of young girls
Grobler takes the winner’s title
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FleetWatch was launched in 1993 initially as a fleet risk management journal, and has since evolved into a trucking magazine covering all aspects of the trucking industry with the primary focus on the “issues” facing modern day truckers. The magazine operates under a banner of independent and objective journalism while striving to elevate the trucking industry onto a platform of high priority within the context of the South African economy. We regard ourselves as partners in the industry rather than just mere reporters on the business of trucking. Our prime readership target is aimed at management operating in all areas of transport - ‘professional haulage’ for reward as well as ancillary operators who run transport as part of their overall operations. Many companies have followed the modern trend of outsourcing their transport and the suppliers of such services are also addressed as our target audience. We also get to product suppliers and service providers. The latest Audit Bureau of Circulation figures (January - June 2009) certifies our current distribution at 5 050 copies per month. FleetWatch was voted by the Specialist Press Association as South Africa’s Best Transport magazine six years in a row - 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999. The magazine has won 60 awards for publishing and journalistic excellence since its launch in 1993 - the most ever won by any magazine in the history of MPASA. (Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa). To get in touch with us, please make use of the FEEDBACK form posted on our site or call us on +27 11 794 2490 – we’d love to hear from you! In the meantime, we leave you with the highest Irish wish: “May the wind be always at your back”. Keep on Trucking, Patrick O’Leary Publisher and Managing Editor
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So the FleetWatch Fundraising Golf Day begins! Thank you IUM Seeing Machines for welcoming the guys in grand style! #ium #seeingmachine
FleetwatchSeptember 21, 2016 at 8:06am
September 20th: Two men have been killed this evening after two trucks collided on the R549 near Deneysville. ER24 paramedics, along with other services, arrived on the scene and found the two wrecked trucks and trailer in the middle of the road. Debris from the two vehicles were spread across the scene, blocking off the road. On assessment, paramedics found one man lying trapped inside of one of the trucks while the body of another man lay amongst the wreckage. Both men were assessed and found to have sustained numerous fatal injuries. Unfortunately, nothing more could be done for either patient and they were both declared dead on scene. It is believed that one of the trailers came loose, causing one of the trucks to lose control and collided with the other truck. Local authorities were on scene for further investigations. RIP and FleetWatch extends sincere condolences to the family and friends of the deceased.
FleetwatchSeptember 20, 2016 at 12:11am
September 19th: Thieves struck last night at ‘The Truck Man’, the well-established used truck business positioned alongside the N12, stealing 38 batteries and 29 rims and tyres to an estimated value of around R300 000. A number of trucks were found on blocks when the owners arrived at the premises this morning. The guard who was on duty had been tied up and the thieves brought in a truck to carry away the goods. All batteries are market ‘The Truck Man’ so if anyone is offered any of these goods, please let the company know. Crime has got totally out of hand and is stymying the ability of honest businesses to do business. Not only is this a huge loss to the company but deliveries of trucks to clients are also now held up until replacement tyres and batteries are fitted. It’s the bloody pits.
FleetwatchSeptember 15, 2016 at 10:16pm
September 15th: South Africa's recent period of fuel price reductions is set for a reversal as the weakening Rand and stronger international petroleum prices combine at the pumps. This is the view of the Automobile Association (AA), which was commenting on unaudited mid-month fuel price data released by the Central Energy Fund (CEF). "The Rand's slow, steady appreciation against the US dollar during July and August was dealt a considerable setback by the controversy surrounding the Hawks' investigation of Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan," the AA said. "At around the same time, international petroleum prices began to appreciate, and the combined effect will be particularly significant for users of petrol." While diesel and illuminating paraffin are currently showing increases of around 24 cents per litre, the current data on petrol shows the hike is likely to be around 51 cents. "With the Rand still on a weakening trend against the US dollar, the fuel price move at the end of September will depend largely on international petroleum prices. Any significant international event which leads to further oil price strength is almost certain to be bad news at the pumps for South Africans," the Association concluded.
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Rustenburg Suspects Sought in Serious Attack

You’re probably already aware of the terrible assault that took place at Jabes Motors outside Rustenburg on Friday 9 September 2016 - but here is an update and a request for assistance, if anyone can. The attached photographs is of Mr. Jan Minnaar - a 68-year old grandfather and farmer and of the alleged suspects in the assault.

A Criminal Case has been reported to Rustenburg SAPS under CAS 345/09/2016. While Mr. Minnaar was attacked inside his vehicle, allegedly by multiple assailants, and while his orbital and other facial bones are crushed to the point of needing surgery and plates installed, the family has informed that the police consider it a case of “common assault."

According to news and family reports, Minnaar was in his vehicle at Jabes Motors after fetghing his two grandkids - aged 11 and 3 - from school. He saw three men searing and shouting at two women who also had children in their vehicle. He tried to come to their aide but telling them to to “leave, because these guys are just looking for shit.”

The three men then turned on him and jumped into his car - where the children are present. They then proceeded to assault him, striking him repeatedly. According to a witnesses it looked like they were pounding a bag - the attack just carried on until they feared he might be killed. Despite fears, he suffered no brain damage, since all the blows were to his face.

Minnaar could eventually escape and he drove to himself to his house on a small-holding, where he stopped a a neighbour’s house to have her look after his grandchildren.

When his wife and their daughter were informed of the attack, they thought it was a farm attack. They were elated that he was not killed - since this is what often happens in farm attacks. They only found out later that this was a vicious attack in broad daylight, at a petrol station with CCTV Footage available.

Minnaar was admitted to high care and he was operated on, on Monday. His nose and orbit were broken and plates will have to be inserted to reconstruct his face.

Apparently the same men were involved in another confrontation at Phillips Motors, earlier on the same day.

Lt. Col. Pelonomi Makau, the liaison officer for Rustenburg SAPS, confirmed the attack to the media. She confirmed that a case of Assault with intent to cause grievous bodily hard has been registered.

Despite requests by the SAPS for the family not to share information on public media for fear of public retaliation, they placed photographs of he involved men and the information on Social Media. The reaction was overwhelming and hundreds of people shared and commented, expressing disgust and calling for swift justice.

According to the family, many people identified the suspects (photos attached) and even several of their own family members (who will not be named, but who are disgusted with their act) came forward and the following three people are now asked to get in contact with police to resolve the matter or to hand themselves over:

Gys Coetzee and Martin Coetzee (bothers) and a friend Marius Vuyk.

According to information received, they all stay in Randfontein area, they drive a black Ford Ka and . While their address is not yet known, there are several people who know exactly where they stay and who are willing to take police to the premises.

There are also concerns that the suspects in the matter are generally aggressive and that family members might be threatened, intimidated or even attacked again - but the family persists. They want justice to be served. They called on the public not to take the law into their own hands but to only assist towards ensuring that the suspects are located and arrested swiftly and for justice to prevail.

Arrests are imminent but the named individuals are urged to hand themselves over as soon as possible to prevent wasting resources on a man-hunt, which will invariably follow.

The family said they understand that there are some people out there who would react more aggressively than others and that anyone could be driven to the point of explosion at any time but that this matter cannot be resolved to conclusion unless those responsible come forward, hand themselves over and allow the courts to decide whether their actions were justified, or not.

Stan Bezuidenhout, the Forensic Specialist from IBF Investigations has been asked to assist with matter, as far as crime intelligence and case management is concerned - to allow the family to grieve without having this to deal with. Anyone with the following information can contact Stan Bezuidenhout directly, via PRIVATE MESSGE on Facebook or via WhatsApp on 0736749268. He needs to confirm the following in order to trace them swiftly:

The Full Names and ID Numbers of the suspects.
Their Vehicle Details (Make, Colour and Registration Number).
Their Cell Phone Numbers.
Where they or their wives/girlfriends work.
Their home address/es.

PLEASE do not post this or any other private information in public. Send it only via PRIVATE MESSAGE or directly to Stan via WhatsApp.

Once this information is received, Stan will be directly in contact with the Detective in the matter and Senior Officials of the SAPS in Rustenburg to arrange an operation to track down and arrest those who have not yet handed themselves over.

For those who prefer to, the above information can also be sent directly to Rustenburg SAPS Detectives. They can be contacted on (014) 590-4139.
Two men drowned while swimming in the sea of Mnandi beach near Strandfontein on Sunday.
The SABC must act in line with a commitment President Jacob Zuma made to the judiciary that government departments and state institutions will not ignore court rulings, so says the ANC.
A Pietermaritzburg paramedic was stabbed and assaulted while trying to assist the injured at an accident scene in KZN’s provincial capital on Saturday night.
An investigation is under way into a fire that killed DA councillor Lulamile Xesi in his house in George on Sunday morning.
Ongoing public spats between the Hawks and Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan are unacceptable, the ANC Youth League said on Sunday.
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