Volvo Group Southern Africa has officially opened a new dedicated Volvo Used Truck Centre in Boksburg, Gauteng
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Volvo opens Used Truck Centre in Boksburg

Volvo Group Southern Africa has officially opened a new dedicated Volvo Used Truck Centre in Boksburg, Gauteng.  The facility, close to the company’s head office and Regional Distribution Centre, was developed at a cost of R3 million. “Although the Volvo

For all types of business, including trucking, Africa will now be a ‘new ‘frontier’ with the finalisation of the Tripartite free trade area.
African free trade area will also benefit trucking
New Crash alert from Matrix
From left to right -Fourie Dawid, Magaging, Director and Johann Schreuder, Business Development Director from Imperial Dedicated contacts.
Imperial wins R123-million contract
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Transform the way you manage your risk - Seeing is Believing! New product launching soon by Insurance Underwriting Managers.

Contact them on - for more information!
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Dinner meeting with IRTE by candlelight

Had a romantic meeting at the Institute of Road Transport Engineers monthly gathering earlier tonight. All by candle-light thanks to Eskom. Chick sitting next to me seemed quite nice so I reached out in the dark but it turned out to be a big burly bloody trucker. “Hey, wat maak jy? Ek bliksem vir jou one time jou etter.” Only joking. He must have also thought I was a chick as he actually took my hand and held it. Still joking. Not joking though is about Eskom power outages. Second night in a row where a meeting had to make do without Eskom power. Tonight was the IRTE. Last night was the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals where I was privileged to be the guest speaker on the topic ‘The Road Transport Industry - its Current Status and its Future.” It was held at the SAP offices in Woodmead where a generator substituted for the lack of Eskom power. Thank you for nothing Eskom but also, thank you for nothing to those bright politicians who, many years ago, decided not to build power stations to cater for South Africa’s future growth but rather to invest in housing for the poor, such as Nkandla. It was actually a little scary driving around Bedfordview earlier tonight in the dark looking for a way back onto the highway after getting caught in the traffic which had jammed from the evacuation of Eastgate due to a bomb scare. Amazing – no power, bomb scares in shopping centres and then, at the IRTE meeting, talks about no controls or standards on non-OEM aftermarket safety critical ‘pirate’ parts. Great place South Africa has become!!!!
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Iveco capital expands partnership with Wesbank - Click on the link to read more -
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Warning to all Consignees/ Consignors Compliance is now critical!

Consignees of road freight as well as those receiving loads will need to carefully manage and administrate vehicle freights to prevent prosecution in term of recently promulgated overloading legislation.

Failure to comply with, will carry a maximum penalty of up to R240 000 fine or a six-year prison sentence or both. Read more here -
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An Mpumalanga MEC has pleaded with police and the community to not seek to avenge the death of a slain officer.
President Jacob Zuma has returned to South Africa after completing his two day state visit to Mozambique.
Jayde Panayiotou was killed as her husband's extra-marital affair was getting him deeper into debt, a court has heard.
Eighty pupils at a school near Bloemfontein have been treated for suspected food poisoning after attending a funeral.
Two men who raped two women near a graveyard in Mpumalanga have been sentenced to 19 years imprisonment each.
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