It is estimated that the knock-on economic impact of traffic signal downtime due to stolen power or copper cables or other traffic light equipment runs into billions of Rand as non-functioning traffic lights lead to congested roads and impacts on transit time for commuters as well as late deliveries of road freight.
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JRA ups the fight against traffic light vandalism

Preventative measures have been taken by the Johannesburg Road Agency (JRA) to curb the theft and vandalism of traffic lights which has reached alarming proportions. More than 365 cases of theft and vandalism of the city’s traffic signals have been

All DAF truck sold locally will now come standard with an Executrax on-board fleet management system.
DAF trucks now come standard with on-board fleet management system
Hino Motors held a symbolic ground breaking ceremony for the opening of its new engine plant in Nitta, Japan. This plant already supplies the small and medium range of Hino diesel engines but is now being expanded to also handle production of the large engine range.
HINO set to widen 300-series model range
A welcomed injection of funds raised via Bridgestone’s ‘Pink Valve Cap’ campaign resulted in a cheque of R1-million being donated to PinkDrive. Looking happy on the occasion are, from left: Gert Oosthuizen (Deputy Minister of Sport & Recreation, South Africa); Ralph Jones (Taxi Associates); Shaun Wustmann (divisional head, sales & marketing for Bridgestone); and Noelene Kotschan, CEO of PinkDrive.
Bridgestone donates R1-million to PinkDrive
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FleetwatchJuly 5, 2015 at 9:07am
And this News 24 story, Ladies and Gentlemen, is a prime example of why FleetWatch is urging the Minister of Transport to work with those in the know when to comes to big decisions that affect the trucking industry. This story is about rail but we don't want the same type of 'blunders' to affect our industry sector - and banning trucks for six hours a day to prevent road crashes - as has been proposed by the Minister - will be a bigger 'blunder'. Work with us Minister Peters.
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Fleetwatch shared Autoforum's photo.July 2, 2015 at 5:10pm
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FleetwatchJuly 2, 2015 at 10:50am
It is interesting - and really sad - when one compares the road safety standards in Germany where I am now - compared to what is happening in South Africa on this front. The situation can be summed up in the picture here which i have just received via email from ER24 of a car which ‘flew’ off the road and crashed into a house earlier today in KwamakhuthaTownship in Durban South. The driver of the vehicle said that he drove over a “ramp” of some sort, which led him to collide with the house. ER24 paramedics who arrived on the scene found – amazingly - that no injuries were sustained in the collision. One person who was sleeping in the house was woken by the car falling on the house. That’s one hell-of-an alarm clock. Certainly crashes do happen in Germany but the difference here is that the talk and actions on so many fronts show a determination to reduce the number of crashes. There is genuine passion and intent here from those who can influence the situation – such as the designers, developers and engineers from Mercedes-Benz who I am meeting with again today. In South Africa, I feel there is intent but no definitive, tangible, ‘make a real difference’ actions on the part of those who can positively influence the situation. It can be done but knee-jerk reactions – such as implementing truck restrictions to reduce the ‘carnage’ – is not the way to go. I am now off to find out more about what is being done in this arena on this side of the ocean. And I will interact with this picture in my mind. Quite sad actually. I wish I had a more positive picture to carry with me but on the other hand, what such an image does do, is motivate FleetWatch to ‘carry on the fight’ with a greater intensity.
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FleetwatchJuly 1, 2015 at 10:02pm
Was very priviledged to have met and spent time with Georg-Stefan Hagemann, project manager of the Mercedea-Benz Future Truck 2025 in Berlin today. That's the 'driverless' truck introduced to the world last year. He reckons from initial sceptism, the concept of an autonomous truck is being more favourably viewed by drivers, members of the public as well as legislators in Europe who are seeing more clearly the benefits offered in terms of road safety, productivity and driver satisfaction. There is still a way to go in terms of altering legislation to allow for it to operate on public roads but take it as reality that it is going to happen. And for any driver who thinks it will replace the guy behind the wheel, not so. It makes your task out on the open roads a lot easier and enhances your life. Think of a Jumbo jet taking off with the pilot behind the controls but once he's up there on the highway in the sky with a long 'road" ahead of him, he switches over to auto pilot mode and then sits back, relaxes and chats to the air hostesses. Kewl hey. It's going to happen. The picture shows the visionary Hagemann with his 'baby".
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FleetwatchJune 30, 2015 at 5:15pm
The simple action of one man with an honest heart can restore so much faith. At OR Tambo going to Germany with Mercedes-Benz and popped in at the sweet shop for a packet of fags. Discovered after I checked in that my wallet was missing. I rushed back to the shop and there was a message from a guy by the name of Riaan giving his cell number. He works at ACSA. I phoned and he said he had it and would meet me to hand it over. When he arrived we had a chat and what a great guy. I had all but given up on ever finding anything I lose anywhere in SA. Two weeks ago I left my cell phone in a toilet. When I realised it was missing, my son phoned but it was off which invariably mean the thief has got it and you'll never see it again - which proved to be true. Thank you Riaan for restoring my faith in the simply honesty of South Africans. The way I'm losing things lately, it is most encouraging.
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Buses are operating in Mamelodi ahead of a meeting between the Gauteng government, transport stakeholders, community organisations and Mamelodi residents.
SA railways officials have imported brand new locomotives from Europe worth hundreds of millions of rand despite explicit warnings that the trains are not suited for local rail lines.
The death toll for the current Eastern Cape initiation season has risen to 14, according to the provincial health department.
A total of 10 people have sustained minor to critical injuries between two cars on the N2 Sir Lowry’s Pass in Cape Town.
A KZN provincial team of detectives has launched a manhunt for two men who are responsible for the killing of four people at a tavern in Fine Town.
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